Fall Paint Night Ideas: Thrifted Ghost Art Trend

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We all look forward to the beauty of autumn each year – crisp air, changing leaves, and, of course, getting creative with cozy fall crafts and paint night ideas. This season, a whimsical trend is catching everyone’s eye: thrifted ghost art. I’m not sure who started this trend, but it’s everywhere right now! Learn more about this budget-friendly fall paint and sip ideas to enjoy with friends this autumn.

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fall paint night ideas including the thrifted ghost art I made, plus some fall decor on my mantel

Disclosure: The following ideas and techniques are intended for personal, at-home use. Note that the thrifted art I used is a framed greeting card, not an original painting! Please ensure you respect copyright laws and the intellectual property rights of artists.

a close up of my thrifted ghost art trend

Discovering Thrifted Ghost Art

Before diving into some fantastic fall paint and sip ideas, let’s talk about the thrifted ghost art trend. At its core, this concept involves taking old, forgotten framed art prints from thrift stores and giving them a ghostly twist. It’s all about breathing new life into a discarded piece, and what better season than fall to bring in some spectral fun? I don’t know who started this trend, but here are a few of my personal favourites from @caskl, @houseandhens, @bekmarsden.

@emmacourtneyhome 👻Thrifted Ghost Art Trend 👻 I had to try this seasonal craft and really enjoyed it! I haven’t painted in a long time, but it was a fun and quick little project. 🎨🍷this makes for a really fun paint night at home! Head to your thrift store to grab an inexpensive piece of framed art, or use an Etsy art download or royalty free art, print it out and get a frame from the dollar store! Use paints to add some 🍂🍁🐈‍⬛🦇🎃🧙🏻‍♀️🧹🕸️🕷️👻 and a thin tip black pen to add more details! More details and ideas on emmacourtneyhome.com I was a little worried about my art skills but it wasn’t as hard as you’d think. Plus you can use parchment paper to trace trickier elements onto your art if you need to. Please note this is not an original painting, it’s a greeting card! Shop my home at the link in my bio or by following @emmacourtneyhome in the @shop.ltk app #thriftedghostpainting #thriftedghost #thriftedghostpaintingtrend #thriftedghosttrend ♬ Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber

living room mantel featuring my fall paint and sip ideas of the thrifted ghost art
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Hosting Your Own Autumn Paint Night

  1. Scour the Thrift Stores

Finding your thrifted art is the first step to a successful ghost art night. Hit up local thrift stores and watch for landscapes or old portraits. Remember, the more dated or out of place they seem, the better. Your aim? To infuse it with some ghostly charm. Another idea is to download some Etsy art prints (or royalty-free art), have them printed inexpensively, and buy some dollar shop frames!

  1. Gather Your Materials

For our fall paint night ideas, you’ll need the basics:

  1. Invite Fellow Art Enthusiasts

Whether you’re considering fall paint and sip ideas or just a cozy evening with friends, gather a group who’d love to get creative. Share the thrifted ghost art trend with them, and let the enthusiasm spark!

  1. Paint and Revel

Once everyone’s settled, it’s time to let the artistry begin! Guide your guests in introducing ethereal, ghostly figures into their chosen thrifted art piece. The outcome? It is a unique masterpiece that combines old with new, mundane with mystical.

close up of my thrifted ghost art trend

Ideas for your Halloween-ready Thrifted Art

Autumn is not just about the serene beauty of falling leaves; it’s also the time of spooks and thrills! If you’re looking to add more than just ghosts to your thrifted paintings, here are some Halloween-inspired ideas to stir the cauldron of creativity:

  1. Ghosts
  2. Pumpkins or jack-o’-lantern
  3. Fall-Coluored Leaves: Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns can add warmth and depth to any scene.
  4. Bats
  5. The Glowing Moon
  6. Spooky Spiderwebs
  7. Witch Hats
  8. Witches: witches flying on broomsticks or concocting potions can be an exciting addition. They can be distant figures against the moon or a piece’s focal point.
  9. Corn Stalks and Hay Bales
  10. Cozy Scarves and Attire
  11. Candles and Lanterns
  12. Haunted Houses and Graveyards
  13. Owls
  14. Black Cats
my fall mantel decor with a wicker witch hat and my sip and paint art

Layer, Shade, and Detail for Realism

Layering paint and adding shading is key to making your additions blend seamlessly into your thrifted piece. Start with your base colour, and upon drying, add darker shades for shadowing and lighter ones for highlights. Once dried, intricate details can be added using a fine-tip black pen. From spiderwebs to the veins in fall leaves, these details can add depth and intrigue.

Easy Tracing Techniques for Perfect Additions

For those hesitant about freehand drawing, tracing is an art-saver:

Parchment Paper Technique: This simple method involves tracing your desired shape onto parchment paper. Once outlined, you can flip it over onto your art piece and retrace the shape, transferring the graphite outline onto the canvas. This easy technique ensures your additions are precise, seamlessly aligning with the thrifted ghost art trend.

autumn paint night ideas with friends that you will actually want to display

The Joys of Autumn Creativity

Embracing autumn paint night ideas like thrifted ghost art is not just about being trendy. It’s about connection, creativity, and giving the forgotten a new story. So, this fall, as the nights grow longer and the air gets chillier, gather around thrifted art and paints, and have fun creating seasonal decor!

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