Floral Vine Wallpaper Powder Room

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Dreaming of creating a trendy wallpapered bathroom? I’m sharing how I transformed my dull powder room into this stunning new countryside-inspired one with floral vine wallpaper and board and batten.

Originally published November 7, 2021 and updated October 28, 2022.

Ever dreamed of having an English countryside inspired power room? Sharing how I achieved the look with floral vine wallpaper and board and batten.

Countryside Wallpaper Theme

When planning a powder room with personality, it is always important to consider the theme you want to use in the space. For this powder room, my idea was an English countryside-themed space with wallpaper. Spend a lot of time when it comes to picking wallpaper, you want to ensure this is a classic style wallpaper that you won’t get tired of quickly.

When I think about the English countryside I think of warm colours, natural elements, soft florals, board and batten, straw hats and baskets, and vintage art. These are all pieces that I was able to incorporate into this powder room through floral vine wallpaper, watercolours, vintage art, hanging a straw hat, and a soft vintage-inspired rug.

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Floral vine wallpapered powder room with a countryside theme. Wallpaper on the upper half of the wall and board and batten on the lower
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Floral Vine Wallpaper

When you are looking for classic wallpaper patterns, there are many beautiful vine and floral vine patterns. The wallpaper I picked is a floral vine wallpaper with green and watercolours, which fits nicely with the countryside wallpaper theme.

While this is a busy pattern, I think it will stand the test of time due to the subtle green, watercolours, and vine pattern. Floral patterned wallpapers are a classic design choice for wallpaper, and I often opt to pick for more neutral and subtle colours over bold colours.

Watercolor floral wallpaper bathroom with wall mouldings.
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Vine Wallpaper

Vine wallpaper is another great natural option to choose for a powder room. This style of wallpaper usually has one primary background colour and uses tones from the same colour family, making it easy to evolve with style and taste over time.

When picking a vine wallpaper, I would opt to pick natural colours that you would see in nature. This makes it more timeless and less likely to look “tired” over time, whereas a bold colour would date very quickly.

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Antique mirrors, vintage art, and hanging straw sun hats are just a few things that were used to achieve this countryside inspired power room.
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Board and Batten

When designing a space with wallpaper, if essential for you to think about the amount of traffic the space will get. I decided to add board and batten for our countryside wallpaper powder room. When you add a wall treatment like board and batten to the lower half of the wall, it protects against any bumps or scrapes that the wall might get if there is wallpaper down to the baseboards. Board and batten is also a classic millwork wall treatment that fits seamlessly with the countryside wallpaper powder room theme that I wanted for our bathroom.

What next?! You’ve picked the perfect paint colour but not sure what paint sheen you should use? Learn more about paint sheens and find the perfect one for your project here.

Before & After

the before of the power room


The powder room was very sterile and dull before the floral vine wallpaper, and board and batten was installed.


Installing the board and batten to this powder room was the first big impact that made a difference. Not sure how to install it? This was my first time too. Check out this video of the project.

board and batten installed in powder room
the after of the new countryside inspire powder room.


This is truly one of my favorite rooms in our home. It is filled with personality and fulfills my dreams of being countryside inspired with the floral vine wallpaper.

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floral vine wallpaper powder room with natural cream trim and vintage art.

Powder Room Project Videos

The first video shows how I installed the board and batten wainscoting and the process behind it

The second video shows the wallpaper installation and the final reveal!

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