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  • Cream Coloured Kitchen Cabinets

    Cream Coloured Kitchen Cabinets
  • Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupes

    Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupes
  • Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodel

    Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Lighting Design + Rules

Designing a new kitchen or hoping to update your existing kitchen? Learn the designer secrets to a perfectly lit kitchen that is not only functional but appealing. Sharing all of the details to achieve the…

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Powder Room Wallpaper

Taking a powder room from a boring space to a beautiful designer space can be easily achieved with the right wallpaper. Wondering what the best type of wallpaper is for your space? Learn about the…

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Bonus Room Mood Board

I’ve hinted at the idea of updating our bonus room for a while, but I wasn’t ready to take the plunge until I had a solid idea. Last week I finally sat down and worked…

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Best of June

Sharing the top products and posts from June, plus what I have been up to behind the scenes! I was on vacation this week which was a nice reset – plus I also had the…

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IKEA Smart Under Cabinet Lighting

Have you ever thought about adding under cabinet lighting to your kitchen or working on a kitchen reno and trying to decide which ones to purchase? Spilling all of the details on the smart IKEA…

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Types of Lighting and Designer Rules

Have you ever wondered the secrets to lighting your home that designers apply to make an aesthetically pleasing space? Sharing all of the details on the types of lighting and how to apply them to…

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