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  • 10 Kitchen Styling Tips from a Designer

    10 Kitchen Styling Tips from a Designer
  • Paint Colours in My Home

    Paint Colours in My Home
  • IKEA Sektion: Built-In Wardrobe For Sloped Ceilings

    IKEA Sektion: Built-In Wardrobe For Sloped Ceilings
  • Painting IKEA Pax and Other Furniture

    Painting IKEA Pax and Other Furniture

Guide to Types of Curtain Liners

Curtains can be a game-changer in any space, but the secret hero behind them often goes unnoticed—yes, we’re talking about curtain liners. From thermal curtain lining to blackout curtain lining, these unsung heroes not only…

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Refinishing an Old Pine Wood Dresser

Have you ever stumbled upon an old pine wood dresser and seen not just worn-out furniture but a treasure trove of potential? If so, this step-by-step guide is for you. Transforming a tired, old pine…

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Fall Paint Night Ideas: Thrifted Ghost Art Trend

We all look forward to the beauty of autumn each year – crisp air, changing leaves, and, of course, getting creative with cozy fall crafts and paint night ideas. This season, a whimsical trend is…

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Upgrading Bed Frame Legs with Wood Grain Contact Paper

Elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom with a simple yet impactful tweak: wood grain contact paper. Bed frames often serve as the centrepiece of a bedroom, and by sprucing up those bed frame legs, you…

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Splitting a Door in Half to Create Double Doors

Ever find yourself caught between the desire for elegant, spacious interiors and the reality of a cramped space? Here’s a transformative solution: splitting a door in half to craft chic, functional double doors. This guide…

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How-to Install Picture Frame Molding: The No-Saw Method

If you’ve ever been held back from installing picture frame trim due to concerns about using a saw, this guide is designed with you in mind! Utilizing specialized tools such as miter shears/scissors, this comprehensive…

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