Why I Chose a Breakfast Nook over a Peninsula

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Looking for a new cozy alternative to a peninsula or an island in your kitchen? Let me show you what we did!

*Please note this post contains affiliate links. 

The Why?

When I was designing our kitchen there were a lot of unique things to think about. The kitchen was an addition put on many years ago, with this they created a unique challenge making the kitchen very separate from the rest of the house. We decided that we wanted to make the kitchen more than a kitchen, we wanted to create a space where people wanted to spend time in. When we have kids one day, we want them to want to spend time in there, to sit and do homework, be able to watch tv, and do more than grab food and leave.

While a peninsula is great to sit at, we wanted something a little comfier and more intimate. We also wanted to maximize the storage! That’s where the idea of a storage bench or banquette came in. We had a custom storage bench built to match the style of the shaker on the kitchen cabinets, painted the same colour – all too perfectly fit the L-shaped space we had. We also installed a frame tv opposite the breakfast nook so not only can I watch TV while cooking, I can also sit at the breakfast nook and watch tv while enjoying breakfast!

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Before & After

This is probably one of my favourite before and after’s of my entire home. Look at how useless that space was before, let alone cold and uninviting! This before photo was taken when I was planning the breakfast nook with painter’s tape marking the storage bench.

The Details

It was built in two pieces, both with piano hinge tops that lift. One of these sections was built with a corner piece that locks in with the other side, but doesn’t lift – it’s accessible from the inside of the storage bench.

What’s inside?

This is a heavily debated topic on my TikTok, but ultimately I think what works for you and your family, might not be what works for someone else and that’s okay!

We use this as our overflow pantry and cleaning products storage. We stop in bulk at places like Costco, so the bigger storage bench has food and extra baking items. The smaller side has extra paper towel, soap, and things like that! It’s not something we access more than once a week, so it’s not a big deal to get things from it!

The Plans

Paint Colors

Cabinet & Storage Bench Color: Natural Cream by Benjamin Moore
Wall Color: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore


– shaker 2 1/4”
– total right length 62”
– total left length 78”
– depth 19”
– height 17.75”


We got the table on Facebook Marketplace and it just happened to be the best size and drop-leaf for easy access to the banquette storage. It’s the Pier One Bradding Drop Leaf Table. Since this one is no longer available, I found a really great alternative from Wayfair, the only difference is that it isn’t drop leaf. If that’s what you’re looking for, here is another great option.

Rugs & Pillows

Adding soft furnishings to any space is important to ensure the space isn’t harsh. In a kitchen where every surface is hard, this is really important. Adding a rug or runner brings warmth, and pillows to the breakfast nook add comfort and a sense of coziness. My favourite rug and H&M pillows were used in this space including this floral pillow, beige linen pillow, green pillow, and embroidered small pillow.


The pieces of art in the kitchen are Etsy art downloads in vintage frames, which is similar to what I have throughout my home. The one above the breakfast nook of an English countryside farmhouse, and the green meadow beside the range are two of my favourite pieces.

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  1. I love it and had been looking for inspiration to do the same in my condo when I stumbled across your Instagram account. It’s perfect!

  2. Suzanne, I am so glad! You’ll have to send me a photo if you do this!

  3. Hello! I am thinking of doing the same thing and am wondering if you ever get water splashing from the sink on to the bench seat? I am considering putting a small barrier to prevent this, but am unsure it is need as the sink will be quite deep. Would love to know how you feel. Thanks!

  4. Nicely done! I left a question about the dimensions on another blog, but I think I found the answers here 🙂

  5. I think this depends on the person, I am not a splashy dish washer but growing up I remember doing homework at the counter and my paper would get splashed by my parents haha