Apartment Reveal

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Over the past few months, I have been working on decorating our new apartment!

This is our first place of our own, where we aren’t sharing with other people.

Most of the furniture used was from previous places we have lived, and old furniture from our parents – with a few new additions!

There are still things I’d like to change, but I promised I would make a post to show what we have done so far.

First, the entrance! We wanted to make this space more open, and with this mirror we already had and this wall – it was the perfect space to make it more open. The little table, we built for around $20! We bought a piece of wood, painted it, added shelf wall mounts under it, and put pre-painted legs. The mounts aren’t generally visible from eye level, and we love having a place to put our keys and other various things when we come in the door.

The Entrance

The living room needed to serve as a living room and an office. We placed a double desk against the back wall, and put the sofa behind it. We tried to keep everything light to make the space seem bigger and brighter, and because we already had a lot of items that matched perfectly! Keeping the space neutral and with a more organic, yet chic look was important for us to both enjoy the space. The gallery wall above the TV was created with cheap frames, and fake polaroid-like pictures. I found a website on google, where you can add your own pictures, and write something and it turns the pictures into polaroid’s! Then, I mounted them on plain paper.

We don’t have that much space in our little apartment, so storage is important to us. We bought baskets to keep magazines and extra blankets in. It is a great way to keep the coffee table clean! Our apartment has lots of light flooding through the windows all day, so we have lots of plants growing.

The double desk, which you will see more of below, is perfect for us! A few weeks ago, we built our own computer, I need a good computer for my new interior design program, and my boyfriend wanted something he could game on, and do other work on as well (building a computer is cheaper when you want really good one!). The computer screen is in the middle, so we can just shift if either way depending on who wants to use it – it has been great! Also, right beside the desk, we have a smaller little table that we have the printer on, and storage underneath. I bought little cork board squares, and stuck them up on the desk wall, so we can pin up pictures and other important notes. I love the artwork above the desk, though I don’t think it fits perfectly with our decor, but it is something we already had, so maybe we will get something else in the future!

The Living Room

The Desk

The Kitchen was very basic and boring before we moved in! The appliances are old, and there were no knobs on the cupboards and drawers at all. Adding little touches like those, really made  a big impact on the look of the kitchen. I would love to add subway tile as a backsplash, but we don’t know how long we are staying here, so at this point it isn’t worth it!

The Kitchen

In the bedroom, we painted the wall that the bed is against. We decided to go with a blue-grey colour, and accent with navy blue. We are hoping to get a navy blue, abstract painting to hang above the bed. The headboard I had from before, but I covered it with a grey fabric and added the wings to the sides.

We already had everything in this room, so it was just a matter of putting it together, and adding the navy accent pillows, flowers and the painting.

The Bedroom

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