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I created a video on Instagram about this but I thought I would attempt to explain a little more about the system! I really really love it, I am slowly connecting our whole house so it’s smart and voice controlled/controlled by automation based on time etc

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The way that I have this system set up is that there is a wireless driver that plugs into the outlet. Then the first strip light plugs into that driver. The rest of the strip lights connect into that first light without any wires – there is piece that sticks out from the end of the first light, and pushes into the end of the second light. It sounds a little confusing, but when you see it, it makes more sense! It just becomes a continuous stirp of lights. Then, they come with little screws and its easy to mount to the bottom of your cabinets.  For the spotlights, those have individual lights but you may not even need these lights depending on your kitchen setup, but I think they are helpful for glass cabinets – these have individual wires that plug into the wireless driver.

Where should you put the wireless driver? That is up to you, I think you could mount it to the bottom of your cabinets (if your light valence  is a few inches wide and would cover it), or potentially put it inside of your upper cabinets (and drill a hole through the back of the cabinet, above the outlet, so the driver and extra wires are hidden, but the plug still comes down through the cabinet hole and plugs in – check the building code in your area to see if this works for you). You do whatever works best for you in your kitchen!

There is also a little wireless remote that connects into this system that turns the lights on and off, but also allows the lights to dim. You could mount that anywhere. Mount it by the light switch for your overhead lights, mount it under your cabinets, whatever works for you. I hardly use my little dimmer switch because my whole system is connected to my Alexa system through the internet gateway and the IKEA Home Smart app. This is one of those annoying little tasks that you just need to do one time to get it set up. Once you download that app and get it all set up with the internet gateway, you can add it to your Alexa via the Alexa app and never touch the IKEA app again. I have my lights automated through Alexa Routines. One that tells the lights to turn on at sunset. Another, routine that turns the lights on when I say “Alexa, turn the kitchen lights on” or “Alexa, turn the kitchen lights off.” I also have a smart switch that controls other lights in the kitchen! I really love all of this stuff and I am constantly adding to it with other lights and switches around the house.

If this is all a little confusing to you, try watching some of the IKEA videos about it and the installation!



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