Mixing Metals

Mixing Metals – is it okay? YES! 

Mixing metals is really popular right now but there are a few things to keep in mind, and rules I like to follow.

The Rules:

The general rule of thumb I like to take into consideration is stick to two metals. If you pick a stainless faucet, appliances, sink etc, but want to add in brass cabinet hardware? Repeat the brass one more time with a wall sconce or something along those lines. Stick to two metals and repeat at least twice!

Another thing I like to consider is dependent on the size of the room. If its a really small bathroom, sometimes it’s best to stick to one metal!

Why did I mix metals in my kitchen?

I had stainless appliances and wanted a stainless sink (over porcelain), so I thought a stainless faucet would match best. One of the things I wanted most in our kitchen was brass cabinet hardware and I had a gorgeous brass picture light already. That’s how the whole thing ended up coming together and I’m so glad it did!

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