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Dreaming about home changes in my favourite way – photo collages! Read about how I did this and why I chose what I did, below.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I have been taking on little home projects here and there for fun! One of the projects has been a living room, which you can see here and the space college I have been working on is part of that space, but right now is just a blank wall!

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I love dreaming up ideas for spaces, but I also love creating collages and new ways to visualize what a space would look like if you made changes. The photo below is a blank wall in our family home. There is no fireplace in the house and it would ruin two screened in porches to run a chimney in this particular space, so we opted for an electric fireplace to give a little warmth but also create a new look. 

There is also this window on the one side, so I decided it would look really nice to mirror the window on the left with a bookcase on the right. I love a good fireplace and bookcase. I also think it makes the fireplace look like it is supposed to be there rather than an electric fireplace we just dropped into place. 

On the bookcase side, there would be a cupboard at the bottom, and to mirror this, there would be a bench on the left. 

I also had the idea of using this bench to hold a TV, but it would block light from the window. Ideally, I would have a Samsung Frame TV above the fireplace, but theoretically, you could put a regular style TV on the bench, and put a curtain on the lower half of the window, so you don’t see a TV from the porch.

A visual like this never feels complete until I accessorize it with books, accessories, pillows, and baskets. I added these items from amazon and love how they look. I think creating a collage like this really gives a sense of what the space would look like and I really love it. Definitely long term goals!

Wondering how I did this? 

Start by taking a photo of the space in question. Normally, face on works best, and try to move everything out of the photo that you don’t plan to keep.

Open PowerPoint and start with a blank template. Delete everything (text boxes etc).

Then drag and drop the photo into powerpoint. It normally takes up the whole slide.

Then, find picture son the internet and start pasting them onto powerpoint. If they have a background, click on the photo of the object and then use the photo options in the top ribbon of PowerPoint and click Remove Background. You can easily remove the background of the photo. Keep doing this and decorating your space with items from the internet. 

For this particular photo, I would have to have the bookcase and bench built custom, so I just googled random photos of “white bookcase” and “white bench” to get to where I wanted. I also used the PowerPoint photo tools to edit the colour of the photo to match the space a little better. For the Samsung The Frame TV, I took an image of the tv with the colour frame bevel I wanted, then I found an image on google to set as the “screen” saver and layered it over top of the TV. 

If you have any questions, I am always happy to help. Send me a message on instagram @emscourtney

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