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I haven’t been posting much lately because I am trying to juggle a full time job and classes! 

It is a lot harder than I expected it to be, and I’m counting down the days until I am finished working full-time so I can really focus.

I have been working on a few assignments as well as keeping up with lectures and readings.

So far, I have done two drafting assignment, which has been fun and different!

Interior Design assignments are a lot more fun than the ones I did in my last degree.

Below are some pictures of my amazing kit I bought for all of the courses I have to take!

I have used a few so far working on a drafting assignment. 

There were many different parts to this assignment, including lettering, copying boxes at a different scale and using an architectural scale.

This picture below shows the boxes that I had to draw at a bigger size.

And of course, Miss Lily needed to help and be in the picture.

I’m really loving the courses and can’t wait to take all the other courses in the future!

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