Small Entryway Ideas

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Are you looking for small entryway ideas to add organization and warmth to your home? A well-designed entryway may have a significant impact, regardless of whether you live in a little apartment or a small home. There are many ways to create an impact with your narrow entryway, from foyer wallpaper to tile floor ideas and the best coat and shoe storage for small spaces. Sharing some of the best methods to decorate a small foyer, as well as what to put in it and how to maximize storage.

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panel moulding on entry walls with wallpaper, small entryway tile floor ideas
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small entryway with mirror, console, storage ottoman
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What do you put in a small entryway?

When it comes to decorating a small entryway, it’s important to choose items that are both functional and stylish. Here are a few ideas to consider adding to your narrow entryway:

A console table: Adding a console table to your foyer is a terrific way to add storage and elegance. To maximize storage, look for a table with drawers or shelves.

A mirror: Mirrors can assist in giving the impression that a room is larger. Consider placing a large floor mirror in the corner or hanging a mirror from the wall.

Wall art: A few wall art pieces can give your doorway flair and style. Look for items that are modest in size but still have an impact.

A rug: A rug can offer texture and help define the space in your foyer. Choose a rug that is both long-lasting and simple to clean.

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bench seat in small entry with shoe storage and coat hooks, small entryway tile floor ideas

Coat and Shoe Storage for Small Spaces

One of the biggest challenges of a small entryway is finding storage space for coats and shoes. Here are a few ideas to help maximize storage in a narrow entryway:

  1. Hang bags and jackets from hooks to save space. Hooks are a terrific method to hang bags and coats. Here is my favourite place to find high-quality hooks and other hardware.
  2. Add a shoe rack: Keeping shoes off the floor and organized is made easier with a shoe rack.  Look for a rack that can fit a small space, such as under a console table.
  3. Consider a storage bench: A storage bench can serve as a seat and a place to store shoes and other belongings. Try to find a bench with storage areas built into it.
wallpaper and hooks in entry with art

How to decorate a narrow front entryway?

If you have a narrow front entryway, choosing items that won’t take up too much space is important, and these are a few ideas to consider:

  1. A slim console table: A slim console table can add storage and style without taking up too much space. Look for a table with a narrow profile. Sometimes a shelf with a mirror above can create the illusion of a console table without the challenge of table legs.
  2. Use a small bench or stool: A small bench or stool can provide seating without taking up too much space. Look for a bench or stool with a small footprint.
  3. Hang a statement piece of art: A statement piece of art can add personality and style to your entryway without taking up any floor space.
  4. Add personality with paint and wallpaper. A fresh coat of paint or some wallpaper can really add personality and warmth to your narrow entryway!
small entryway with wallpaper, hooks, and bench with shoe shelf

Small Foyer Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to a narrow entryway can be a great idea to add colour and pattern to the space. Here are some tips for choosing and using wallpaper in a small foyer:

  • Pick a light colour: Wallpaper in a light hue can help a tiny room feel bigger and more airy. Think of a pale blue, green, or beige. If you have tall ceilings, you might be able to get away with a darker colour choice.
  • Use a small pattern: Patterns of this size can add interest without taking over a small space. Think of using a delicate floral or geometric pattern.
  • Limit the amount of wallpaper: Using wallpaper on just one or a portion of a wall can help keep a small foyer from feeling too busy or overwhelming.
  • Complement other design elements: When choosing wallpaper for your foyer, consider how it will look with the flooring, lighting, and other decor.

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PRO TIP: Want to learn more about wallpaper to help you decide if it’s right for your space? Read more here.

small entryway with stained glass door, wallpaper, hooks, bench seat. coat and shoe storage for small spaces
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Small entryway tile floor ideas

When it comes to choosing flooring for a small entryway, tile can be a practical and stylish option. Here are a few small entryway tile floor ideas to consider:

  • Choose a light-coloured tile: Light-colored tiles can help make a small entryway feel brighter and more open. Consider a light gray or beige.
  • Use a mosaic pattern: Mosaic tiles can add interest and texture to a small space. Look for a mosaic tile that coordinates with your overall design scheme.
  • Consider a patterned tile: A patterned tile can add personality and style to a small entryway. Look for a tile with a subtle or small-scale pattern.
peel and stick grey and white floor tile, small entryway tile floor ideas
Peel-and-Stick Tiles used in this space.

How Do You Style a Small Entryway?

Although styling a small entryway can be difficult, done correctly, it can be a great way to establish the style of your home. Here are some pointers for maximizing your small entryway:

  1. Keep it simple: Prevent overcrowding your foyer with objects. Only keep the necessities, like a console table, mirror, and decorative elements that serve other purposes (like key storage).
  2. Incorporate some greenery: Plants may enhance the ambiance of any room. Think about putting a tiny plant in a pot or a vase of flowers in your foyer. These can be real, faux, or dried!
  3. Turn on the lights: Lighting may significantly improve a small entrance. Consider installing a pendant light or attractive lamp to add style and illumination.
  4. Use mirrors to give the impression that the area is larger. Place a large floor mirror in the corner or hang a mirror from the wall.
wallpaper and brass wall hooks on wall, small foyer wallpaper

Learn More About my Small Entryway

The small entryway in my house is a narrow 3’x4′ room before the foyer, but it serves as the first impression of my home. This space also acts as coat and shoe storage in a small space! This space was originally a blank canvas, with Chantilly Lace walls.

small entryway refresh with peel and stick floors and wallpaper, coat and shoe storage for small spaces

The Space Refresh

Shortly after moving into our home, I added picture frame moulding (Canadian link) and a ledge made from window/door moulding. To add more personality to the space and serve as a true first impression, wallpaper was added to the upper section of the wall, and the lower section was painted in Sea Pearl by Benjamin Moore. The wood flooring was also a challenge with the snowy winters. One day we plan to replace the flooring with real tile, but until then, we picked an affordable peel-and-stick tile option. Adding art, baskets, brass hooks, and a bench seat cushion polished off the small entryway refresh,

before and after of small entryway refresh

Decorating a small entryway can be a fun and rewarding challenge. By choosing functional and stylish items, maximizing storage space, and using light colours and patterns, you can create a welcoming and organized entryway that sets the tone for your entire home.

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  1. It is simply lovely! The tile and wallpaper changed it dramatically with modern touches to traditional design. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much! I agree. It’s amazing how little things can make such a big impact. Now it makes me happy every time I see it, and it makes a good first impression on anyone visiting!