The Frame TV: Hide Your TV + Make it Look Like a Picture Frame

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In today’s fast-paced world, our living spaces are not just a place to reside; they’re an extension of our personalities and a canvas for creativity. If you’re like me, you’ve spent countless hours curating the perfect ambiance for your home. From carefully selecting furniture to choosing the right colour palette, every detail matters. But there’s one element that often disrupts the harmony of our interior design – the TV. That’s where The Frame TV from Samsung steps in, merging technology with aesthetics to integrate into your space seamlessly. Learn more about the Samsung picture frame TV and how we integrated this into our home.

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living room with picture frame tv on the wall with a double armed sconce above and fireplace to the right
Living Room details: Frame TV, Sconce, Sofa, Lumbar Pillow, Square Pillow, Rug, Curtains, Lamp, Low Bowl (Target 2021).

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Discover The Frame TV: Where Technology and Artistry Converge

Picture Frame TV: A Stroke of Genius

The Frame TV isn’t just a television; it’s a masterpiece that transforms into art when not in use. It is designed to resemble a tasteful picture frame! It boasts a range of customizable bezels that suit any decor style – from sleek modern lines to classic wooden finishes. This innovative design allows you to curate your TV’s appearance, ensuring it complements your interior effortlessly.

Looking for art for your Frame TV? Here are some of my favourites!

samsung picture frame tv in a small living room with Victorian fireplace as the centre
Shop the Living Room: Frame TV, Sconce, Sofa, Throw Pillow, Rug, Scalloped Mirror, Branches, Vase (similar), Crock, Dried Florals, Curtains

The Samsung Frame TV: A Marriage of Design and Function

I’ve personally added The Frame TV into my small living room and kitchen, and the results have been stunning. In my compact living room, space is at a premium, and traditional TVs can easily overpower the room’s aesthetic. However, the Samsung picture frame TV’s slim profile and ability to showcase art when idle make it an impeccable fit. So now, I can enjoy my favourite shows without compromising the integrity of my design. In the living room we have the 50″ Frame TV with the Teak bezel.

In the kitchen, The Frame TV serves as a delightful addition. Its dual functionality as both a TV and an art piece means. That while cooking, I can enjoy my favourite TV show or even set the ambiance with calming scenery. It’s a perfect conversation starter during gatherings, effortlessly blending into the decor and enriching the atmosphere. In the kitchen we have the 43″ Frame TV with the beige bezel. I also purchased the white bezel for this TV but have never used it.

samsung frame tv above wood stove in kitchen
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Benefits of the Frame TV

The Frame TV offers a range of impressive features that set it apart:

  1. Art Mode: When not in use, The Frame TV seamlessly transforms into a captivating work of art, displaying a selection of customizable art pieces or personal photos.
  2. Customizable Bezels: The TV comes with interchangeable magnetic bezels, allowing you to match its appearance to your interior style.  
  3. Art Store: Access an extensive online library of artwork from renowned artists and photographers to curate your display.
    • Don’t want to pay for the Art subscription? You can upload your photos and art to the TV through the SmartThings app!
  4. Brightness and Motion Sensors: The Frame TV includes sensors that adjust the screen’s brightness based on the ambient lighting in the room, ensuring optimal visibility. It also uses motion sensors to turn off the display when no one is around, conserving energy.
    • You can also adjust the colours of the art display to match other art in your space.
  5. QLED Technology: The Frame TV utilizes QLED technology for vibrant colours, deep contrasts, and enhanced picture quality. So this makes it an exceptional choice for art display and entertainment.
  6. Smart TV Functionality: Beyond its artistic features, The Frame TV is a full-fledged smart TV, allowing you to stream content from popular apps, browse the web, and access various entertainment options.
  7. One Invisible Connection: The Frame TV offers a single cable solution, the “One Connect,” which combines power and data transmission into a single, near-invisible cable for a clutter-free setup.
  8. Customizable Mounting Options: Choose between traditional TV stand placement or wall mounting.
    • Also, the Frame TV comes with a wall mount to ensure your TV truly looks like a piece of art hung on the wall with minimal gaps behind the frame.
living room with art and mirror above firepalce

A World of Possibilities: More Than Just a TV

Beyond The Frame TV: Alternative Ideas

While The Frame TV is a marvel, creative alternatives exist to achieve the same effect. If you want to replicate the “artwork-as-a-TV” concept without purchasing a dedicated device, consider playing YouTube art videos or seasonal scenes. With the right content, your regular TV can transform into a captivating window, showcasing breathtaking landscapes or even dynamic paintings.

Not sure a Samsung Frame TV is for you?

If this Samsung picture frame TV isn’t for you or not in the budget, I have a great option. You can create a frame to hang around your TV. Plus, many YouTube art videos change every 10 minutes for about an hour. So you can enjoy art on your TV if you have company over or just for occasional use.

Learn more about this project and art here.

tv watching area with gallery wall

Enhance Your Space Today: The Art of TV Design

In conclusion, The Frame TV from Samsung is a game-changer in interior design and home entertainment. Its ability to seamlessly blend into the decor while offering cutting-edge technology makes it a must-have for those who refuse to compromise on style. Whether you’re adorning your living room or adding flair to your kitchen, The Frame TV’s fusion of art and technology will undoubtedly elevate your space. So why settle for a standard TV when you can have a masterpiece?

Experience the future of TV design with The Frame TV – where innovation meets aesthetics in perfect harmony. Elevate your interior, transform your viewing experience, and indulge in the art of technology.

sofa with throw pillows and cat


Is frame TV worth buying?

The Frame TV is worth buying for those who prioritize aesthetics and functionality, as it seamlessly blends into your decor and transforms into artwork when not in use.

What is the disadvantage of Samsung Frame TV?

A potential disadvantage of the Samsung Frame TV is its higher price point than standard TVs due to its unique design and features.

What is the point of a frame TV?

A Frame TV combines technology and design by disguising it as a piece of art, allowing it to harmonize with your interior while providing entertainment.

Can a regular TV be a frame TV?

Yes, a regular TV can be turned into a frame TV by playing art videos or scenic content when not in use, creating a similar visual effect without the specialized design features of The Frame TV. Learn more here.

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