Holiday YouTube Videos for your TV

Sharing my favourite Christmas and cozy holiday YouTube videos, some with instrumental Christmas music and some with ASMR outdoor noise and fire crackles.

The first one is actually a family favourite because the cats love watching the cat and dog on the tv, and I love the ambience and music!

A Very Happy Yule Log, with Christmas Music (instrumental)


HD Christmas Tree Log Cabin Screensaver Scene – fire crackling sound – Cosy living room Snow falling


Christmas Morning Ambience – Relaxing Christmas Music, Fireplace Sounds, Instrumental Christmas


Cozy Winter Ambience – Relaxing Sounds / Fireplace & Snow for Sleep & Relaxation


Christmas Tree Farm Ambience with Winter Sounds – Christmas Ambiance​


8 Hours Harry Potter Christmas πŸŽ„ ASMR Ambience β‹„ Hogwarts, The burrow and More 🎁✨ Cozy Winter Scenes


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