Our Holiday Home Tour

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Take a walk through our holiday home tour to see how we decorated our old Victorian home for Christmas last year. Feel the magical of the holiday season through our traditional Christmas decorations in our home tour.

Sharing a few tips a tricks to decorate your own home, plus a few new additions that we have purchased for this holiday season. I hope that the fresh evergreen and red ribbon inspire you with your decor this holiday season.

A view of the entire cream coloured kitchen with marble-look quartz counters. Fresh greenery over the range hood, an old pottery jar and vase with greenery. Glass cabinet with plates and servingwear.

Gleaming Primrose Gold mirror with H&M large cream vase filler with big evergreen branches. Gold wing shaped trinket dish, lidded basket and hold frames with art. Nest holiday candle burning.

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Small entrance with panel moulding and hold hooks. Camel peacoat and Burberry scarf hanging beside small boxwood wreath with red ribbon. Plaid Christmas tree block print pillow on bench, hunter boots under.
The sweet little wreath can be found here. Pillow is from HomeSense.
Old Victorian stairs with wood railings and garland trailing down with red ribbon. Two siamese cats looking through the balusters.

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Evergreen Wreath Tips

Evergreen wreaths are a classic holiday decor item that you are bound to see on many home tours. Whether you pick a faux or fresh evergreen wreath, they are a great addition to any home throughout the holiday season. On my holiday home tour you can find evergreen wreaths on mirrors, bookcases, windows, doors, and above our bed!

Living room with Victorian fireplace in white with mirror above. Garland on the mantel and wreath on the mirror. Big Christmas tree to the right with white and red decorations.

Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

If you pick a fresh evergreen wreath, it will last about three weeks indoors. However, they are a great choice for outdoors because the cold helps them stay fresh longer. Douglas fir, white pine, and juniper are great options for evergreen wreaths because they are less likely to loose their needles quickly like other evergreens.

Small victorian living room with fireplace to the right and Frame TV to the left with winter house scene displayed and gold shaded sconce above. Wood coffee table beside the grey sofa.

Hanging Your Evergreen Wreaths

When it comes to hanging an evergreen wreath, my favourite option is to use Command Hooks. Every year I stock up on these to use throughout the holiday season and I am sure on this home tour there are so many of them being used! The key is ensuring you leave the little tab on the bottom of them so you can carefully remove them. Many people do not read the directions and make this mistake!

View from the living room into the entry. Sofa on the right with art above and side table and lamp beside. On the left is the entry is a wood console table with ottoman below and gold gleaming primrose mirror above.

Clean the surface prior to applying the hooks, then after hanging the hooks leave them for a few hours before hanging anything on them! There are different types of Command hooks that you can buy. I usually buy a mix of the outdoor ones with the clear “stickers” to use on windows and doors, and regular Command hooks for other places like on the bookcase or on a wall.

A view of the entire cream coloured kitchen with marble-look quartz counters. Fresh greenery over the range hood, a vase with greenery.

Fresh Cedar Garland

One of my favourite additions to our Christmas decorations last December was fresh cedar garland and I am planning to add even more to the holiday home tour this year! Earlier in the season, I used faux greenery, but when December rolled around I switched it out of some fresh cedar garland.

A view of the entire cream coloured kitchen with marble-look quartz counters. Fresh greenery over the range hood, a vase with greenery.
In November I had a little wreath above the range but opted to swap it for fresh evergreen in December.

About Fresh Cedar Garland

Fresh cedar garland usually lasts two to three weeks, so I would recommend waiting until December to use it in your holiday decor. The best way to keep your fresh cedar garland alive is by keeping it cool, soaking your garland before hanging it, and spritzing it with a little water every day.

window pane pattern armchairs beside old stool with mini christmas tree with lights in an old crock. Wood cutting boards beside. Artwork on the walls with fresh greenery swags hanging above.
VIew of cream coloured kitchen with brass hardware staring are the kitchen sink peninsula with dining nook on the other side. Old stool with mini christmas tree in a crock on top.

How We Used it in Our Home

My favourite place that I added the fresh cedar garland was along the range hood in our kitchen. I have to admit, it was pretty crispy after 3 weeks. Luckily it was not in a “high traffic” area so it was only a bit messy to remove, but fine day to day.

Breakfast book with wood table, L shaped bench with cream and sage green throw pillows. Pottery jar on table with greenery, and candle beside. Big vintage style house art on the wall with a small boxwood wreath in the top middle, and a brass picture light above.

I also added mini evergreen swags to hang above pieces of art and in vases throughout our home. This was something I added just before Christmas and I loved it so much. This year I am using some inexpensive faux greenery so I can do the same a little earlier. These are the ones I bought!

VIew of cream coloured kitchen with brass hardware staring are the kitchen sink peninsula with dining nook on the other side. mini tree and pottery mini house on countertops.

Norfolk Pine Garland

Norfolk Pine Garland is one of the most popular choices for garland. Long needle pine garland makes a great fresh garland option. Similar to fresh wreaths, they last for about 2-3 weeks. The smell of the fresh pine makes it a very festive choice to decorate your home with

Want to buy this popular garland? Shop it here.

norfolk pine garland

One of the best selling garlands is this faux Norfolk Pine garland. I will be adding to my holiday home tour for this season! It always sells out with a few restocks throughout the season, making it a favourite for many. This pine garland has very realistic long needles and a wood-look stem, with a few different lengths available.

Christmas tree beisde fireplace with gold gleaming primrose mirror above, cat laying on bed on a faux fur blanket.

Best Christmas Garland Hanging Tips

Christmas garland is one of my favourite decor pieces that you will see throughout my holiday home tour. There are many ways that you could use garland in your home to add charm in your traditional Christmas decor.

View into bedroom of big christmas tree with gold, cream, sage green ornaments at the foot of the bed. Big amber lewis loloi rug under the bed.

Using Christmas Garland on the Mantel

In my opinion, this is one of the most classic uses of Christmas garland! I love decorating my mantel for the holiday season with garland. Whether you place it along the top, drape it down one side, or both – it is a beautiful way to dress up your mantel.

Frame tv on wall with old vintage house winter scene art, and shaded brass sconce above with red ribbon. Fireplace to the right with garland and stockings. Big blanket basket under TV.

The best way to keep your garland on the mantel is by using the little command hooks and floral wire. These are the two key pieces I use in most of my Christmas decor because they are easy to use, and keep things in place! The reason I use green floral wire is because it easily blends in with wreaths, garlands and all of your holiday evergreens. it is also really easy to bend into the shape you might need. Command hooks are also great for hanging stockings on your mantel, especially if you have little ones at home and don’t want the stocking holders to be pulled down.

Old victorian fireplace with mirror above. Garland and stockings on the mantel with blanket basket beside. Big wreath hanging on the mirrors.

Hanging Garland around Doorways

One of my holiday home tour dreams is to have garland hanging around doorways! I think this is one of the most festive ways to use decor and makes the home feel really warm and cozy. My friend Julie has garland over her entyways and it’s stunning, you can tour her home here.

Table setting with garland down the middle of the wood table, seagrass round placemats, dinnerware and mini A-frame gingerbread houses on each plate.

Garland as a Table Centerpiece

Using garland as a table centerpiece is one of the easiest ways to make a table look festive. Whether you start with a table cloth or table runner, and then layer in garland it adds a festive look to any table. I love to layer in candles and other pieces of decor too.

Sideboard Decorating Ideas

Another great option for Christmas garland is to layer it on a sideboard or console table. I like to decorate it similarly to a mantel, starting with the garland and adding in candles, other Christmas decor like trees and deer. This is a great place to also display a few picture frames!

Picture of powder room with cream board and batten on the lower half of the wall and green vine floral wallpaper above. Cat sitting on closed toilet looking at camera. Wood house and old glass jar vase with greenery on back of toilet.

A video Holiday Home Tour

Want a closer look at our home over the holiday season? I filmed a holiday home tour for you to enjoy a twinkly tour with our Christmas lights.

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