Our Holiday Home Tour with the Norfolk Pine Garland and Faux Greenery

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The festive season has rolled in, and what better way to usher in the joy and magic than to invite you on a delightful journey through our holiday home tour? From the sparkling decor to our Norfolk Pine Garland that’s been stealing hearts, prepare to be swept off your feet with festive elegance and warmth. Plus, sharing ideas for incorporating faux greenery on wall sconces, above art and more.

Elegant living room showcasing Norfolk Pine Garland as the festive décor centerpiece.
Shop the Living Room: Sconce, Sofa, Throw Pillow, Rug, Battery Candles, Armchairs, Side Table, 3 x Garland, Brass Letter Garland, Potted Tree (similar), Knit Stockings (similar), Tree Pillow, Cedar Greenery, TV Art, Frame TV.
Welcoming entryway illuminated by the Holiday Home Tour essence, accented with Norfolk Pine Garland and subtle faux greenery.
1 x Garland, rug, art, storage ottoman, candle, and mirror from HomeSense; other items are thrifted or antique.

The Norfolk Pine Garland

The Norfolk Pine Garland is not just any garland; it’s a bestseller! Its unique texture and fresh, vibrant green capture the season’s essence, making it a favourite amongst holiday home enthusiasts. Gracefully draped over mantles, banisters, or as a centrepiece on your dining table, this garland adds a touch of nature’s splendour to any space.

Shop the Garland in the US and Canada

Shop the popular garland in the US here or Canada here

Holiday Home Tour bedroom special featuring a mantel draped in Norfolk Pine Garland.
1 x Garland, Mirror, Ribbon, Battery Candles.

Why Norfolk Pine Garland is a Must-Have:

  1. Quality: The lifelike appearance of the Norfolk Pine Garland stands out from other faux options.
  2. Durability: Designed to last, it promises to be a part of your Christmas decor for years to come.
  3. Versatility: Whether you drape it on a banister or lay it across your dining table, it adapts gracefully.
Master bedroom retreat elevated by festive décor and delicate touches of faux greenery.
BH Nordmann Fir with Candlelight Clear LED lights, Burnished Metals Ornaments, 1 x garland

Ideas for Using the Famous Garland

  • Headboard: Drape the Norfolk Garland along the top of the headboard, adding a natural and festive touch to your bedroom.
  • Mirror: Gracefully drape the garland over a mirror and add some ribbon.
  • Console: Lay the Norfolk Garland along a console table, especially with candles or other decorative pieces.
  • Banister and Railings: Wind or drape the garland around the staircase banister and railings.
Master bedroom retreat elevated by festive décor and delicate touches of faux greenery.
BH Nordmann Fir with Candlelight Clear LED lights, Burnished Metals Ornaments, mirror, 1 x garland.
  • Dining Centrepiece: Use the Norfolk Garland as a centrepiece on a dining table, possibly intertwined with fairy lights or surrounded by candles for a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Mantel: Place it atop a fireplace mantel, pairing it with stockings or decorative ornaments.
  • Window: Hang the garland around or above window frames.
  • Doorway: Enhance entryways by hanging the garland above door frames, creating a welcoming festive arch.
Cozy breakfast nook embraced by the warmth of Norfolk Pine Garland.
Shop the Kitchen: Sconce, art, dining table (similar), floral throw pillow, garland. Find out more kitchen details here.
  • Outdoor: Use it to adorn outdoor spaces, such as along porch railings or garden benches.
  • Chandelier: Intertwine the garland with a chandelier or pendant light, letting it dangle gracefully for a festive elegance.
  • Kitchen: Place the garland along open shelving or atop cabinets in the kitchen, infusing the space with holiday vibes.
  • Workspace: Enhance your office desk or bookshelf with a touch of the Norfolk Garland for a festive working environment.
Holiday Home Tour living room highlight with lush faux greenery accents.
Sconce, Rug, Battery Candles, Armchairs, 3 x Garland, Knit Stockings (similar), Cedar Greenery

Faux Greenery for Added Style

And while we’re on the topic of greenery, let’s not forget about the faux greenery we’ve styled. Specially chosen to complement our wall sconces and art, these beautifully designed green accents bring life to every corner without watering or maintenance. This versatile faux greenery was purchased from Target last year, and they have it back in stock again this year in various sizes.

Charming breakfast setting illuminated by Holiday Home Tour festive décor.
Kitchen details. Shop the kitchen: Bridge faucet, Cabinet latch, cabinet pulls, cabinet knobs, toaster, floral fields art, Balsam Fir Tree.

I love adding little bundles of this greenery tied with a velvet ribbon and hung above my picture frames or on sconces. I use clear Command hooks to attach these. These gift toppers also work well – I used some of these as decor too!

Bright kitchen space adorned with festive décor and touches of faux greenery.
Kitchen details. Shop the kitchen: Cabinet latch, cabinet pulls, cabinet knobs, toaster, Mixer, Cedar Greenery, bread keeper (Sophie Conran, discontinued)

Wall Sconces, Art, and Green

There’s something enchantingly timeless about pairing wall sconces with a hint of greenery. When set against the backdrop of our curated art pieces, the effect is nothing short of magical. It’s a trio that adds depth, warmth, and layers to our holiday home, making every corner Instagram-worthy!

Modern kitchen setting complemented by festive décor and a splash of faux greenery.
Kitchen Cabinet latch, cabinet pulls, cabinet knobs, Mixer, Kettle, Art, Sconce, Cedar Greenery, greenery in vase (similar), napkin rings.

Tips to Amp Up Your Own Festive Decor

For those looking to infuse their homes with a similar charm:

Chic powder room exuding elegance with subtle faux greenery touches.
Looking for more information on this Powder room? Learn more here. Shop the space: wallpaper, art, Tree from IKEA 2022.
  1. Norfolk Pine Garland: Invest in quality garlands that can be reused year after year. The fresher the look, the longer its charm lasts.
  2. Faux Greenery: Go for varieties that closely resemble the real thing. It’s all about capturing the authenticity without the fuss.
  3. Wall Sconces & Art: Play with lighting and textures. The right balance can genuinely elevate your festive setting. Bonus: add flameless candles on timers that come on daily and creative extra festive warmth to your decor.
Home office with fireplace, made more inviting with faux greenery.
Shop my office: Floral Rug, Woven Rug, Armchair, Armed Sconce, Rattan Lamp, Wall Sconce, Chair and stool are antique, Knit Stockings (similar), Tree Pillow, Cedar Greenery

Dive into the Holiday Spirit

Our holiday home tour isn’t just a display of festive decor but a journey through what the season embodies: warmth, joy, and timeless elegance. With the best-selling Norfolk Pine Garland and expertly styled faux greenery, we hope to inspire every visitor to recreate this magic in their own spaces.

Productive home office space highlighted by Holiday Home Tour festive décor elements.

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Versatile bonus room enriched by festive décor, showcasing a blend of brass bells and artful faux greenery touches.
Bonus room details can be found here.

Living room ambiance enhanced by faux greenery for our Holiday Home Tour.

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