Powder Room Wallpaper

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Taking a powder room from a boring space to a beautiful designer space can be easily achieved with the right wallpaper. Wondering what the best type of wallpaper is for your space? Learn about the different types and applications that might fit best for your project.

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powder room with board and batten in natural cream and floral wallpaper

Why Wallpaper a Powder Room?

Powder rooms are a great place to make a big impact with wallpaper! Even small powder rooms and powder baths can be transformed with the right wallpaper. Powder rooms are often a place that guests see when visiting your home. This makes it a great opportunity to show personality. A plain and boring powder room can be transformed in a day with wallpaper. Though, it is also important to think about the material of wallpaper you might want to use.

The Different Wallpaper Materials

There are a few different materials that are used in wallpaper manufacturing. The first is paper wallpaper, which shows colours well, but can tear or scratch while hanging. The next is vinyl which is the most common type since it is easy to install and remove, plus more durable for damp areas and often comes pre-pasted. Grass cloth is made from natural materials and usually doesn’t require matching when it is installed, making it easier. Finally, fabric wallpaper, which is considered one of the highest qualities but is usually harder to hang.

powder room with sink and mirror. Walls with board and batten in natural cream and floral wallpaper and art
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Application Types

There are a few different application types for wallpaper. Non-pasted does not come with a prepared adhesive and you have to purchase a tub or box of adhesive to paste onto the wall or wallpaper. The next is pre-pasted, where the wallpaper comes with adhesive on the back that is activated when you get it wet. Finally, self-adhesive or peel & stick is like a big sticker where you remove the backing and apply it to the wall, it is considered easier to remove.

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What should you pick for a powder room?

When wallpapering a powder room there are a few things to consider. The first is that there is not as much moisture in a powder room as there is in a bathroom, since there is no shower creating humidity. Due to this, you do not need to worry as much about humidity and moisture so you are not limited to picking vinyl wallpaper. Though, you may want to consider if the wall behind the sink might get wet or if there is a backsplash.

Is the power room small or high traffic? Do you think people might bump or scuff the walls? If this is something you are worried about, vinyl and washable wallpaper should be considered to easily wipe away messes and not worry as much about damage.

powder room with board and batten in natural cream and floral wallpaper with vintage frames and mirror

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powder room with board and batten in natural cream and floral wallpaper. Rug on the floor and art on the walls


Can you wallpaper a powder room?

Yes! Adding wallpaper to a powder room creates a big impact and creates a designer inspired space.

How much wallpaper do you need for a powder room?

This depends on the size of the space. Measure the heigh and length of each wall to determine the square footage. Also note the square footage that is in each roll of wallpaper. It is important to consider the pattern match of the wallpaper as well. The wallpaper should indicate how often the pattern repeats, keep this in mind when calculating the wallpaper needed.

Which wall should be the accent wall in a powder room?

As a designer, I recommend wallpapering all of the walls in a bathroom rather than creating an accent wall. Accent walls are trend led, but classic styles show that wallpapering all of the walls would create a more timeless look.

How do you spruce up a power room?

The best way to spruce up a powder room is by applying a wall treatment, whether its through wallpaper, beadboard, panel moulding, shiplap or more. Another idea would be to to paint the walls and ceiling all one colour (other than white/beige/grey), think a little bolder – then hang art.

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