Adding Corner Shelves to your Tiled Shower

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If you’re looking for a stylish and functional addition to your tiled shower, consider adding a marble corner shower shelf. Not only does a marble shelf add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, but it also provides a convenient spot to store your shower essentials. I will guide you through the steps of integrating a marble corner shower shelf into your tiled shower, complete with guidelines for selecting the perfect shelf and installation techniques. Whether you’re looking to optimize storage space or enhance the look of your bathroom, adding corner shower shelves is a great way to achieve both.

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glass shower partition with square marble tiles

Shower Shelves for Tile

You can try several shower solutions if you’re tired of stepping on shampoo bottles and other shower essentials sitting on the floor or the mess they leave on the tile.

  • Use a shower caddy: An easy solution that you can hang from the showerhead or attach it to the wall. Pick one with multiple tiers to maximize storage.
  • Install shower shelves: Installing shower shelves that you can mount to the wall or place in a corner.
  • Use a tension rod: A tension rod can create hanging space for shower essentials. Install the tension rod between two walls or across the shower, and use S-hooks to hang bottles and other items.
  • Try a suction cup caddy: Suction cup caddies can attach to the shower wall. This provides a convenient storage solution without the need for drilling or mounting.
Tiled marble bathroom walls with corner shelves

Marble Corner Shower Shelf

You can enhance the luxury and convenience of your shower experience with a marble corner shower shelf. This small yet versatile shelf is specifically crafted for shower corners. They provide the perfect spot to store your soap, shampoo and other essential shower items.

Marble is the favoured material for shower shelves due to its exceptional durability, effortless upkeep, and natural beauty. Not only does marble resist water damage, but it’s also relatively low maintenance.

If you already have marble tiles in your bathroom or shower, this is a great option for additional storage. Unlike alternative shelving options, a marble corner shelf won’t look like an afterthought. This option will seamlessly blend with your existing bathroom finishes.

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bathroom with freestanding bath tub, glass shower with marble walls
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What is the best placement for corner shower shelves?

The best placement for corner shower shelves depends on a few factors, including the size and shape of your shower, the height of the showerhead, and your personal preferences. Here are some guidelines to help you determine the best placement for your corner shower shelves:

  • Consider the height of the showerhead: If your showerhead is high, it’s best to place the shelves in a lower position for convenient access. If the showerhead is lower, install the shelves in a higher position to avoid bumping anything during your shower.
  • Think about the size and shape of your shower: If you have a small shower, you may want to place the shelves higher up to keep them out of the way.
  • Consider the items you plan to store on the shelves: If you plan to store tall bottles or containers, you may need to place the shelves higher to accommodate them.
  • Think about your personal preferences.

In general, a good rule of thumb is to place the lower shelf at knee height, the middle shelf at chest height, and the upper shelf at eye level. This will provide a good balance of accessibility and visibility for your items. Remember to consider the shelf’s shape and the space it will occupy in your shower when determining the best placement.

marble corner shelves on a tiled wall

How do you attach corner shelves to a shower?

There are several ways to attach corner shelves to a shower, depending on the type of shelf and the tiles you are working with. Here are some of the most common methods:

  • Adhesive: Some corner shelves have an adhesive backing that lets you stick them directly onto the shower wall. This method is quick and easy but may not be as secure as other methods.
  • Mounting brackets: Mounting brackets may be provided with some corner shelves, which attach to the shower wall using screws. This method provides a secure hold but requires drilling holes in the shower wall.
  • Epoxy and metal biscuits: This method involves cutting in the shower wall (ideally the grout line) and inserting metal biscuits, which are then covered with epoxy. The shelf is then placed onto the biscuits and allowed to dry. This method provides a strong and secure hold.
  • Tension rods: Tension rods can be used to create a corner shelf unit that sits between the shower floor and ceiling. This method does not require drilling or adhesive but may not be as sturdy as other methods.

When attaching corner shelves to a shower, it is important to consider the materials you are working with and the weight of the shelf and its contents. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the appropriate tools and hardware to ensure a secure installation.

tools to install a corner shower shelf

Installing a Marble Corner Shower Shelf to a Tiled Shower

The best method for installing a marble corner shelf to your tiled shower is using epoxy and metal biscuits! The metal biscuits provide extra support to the shelf to ensure that they do not fall off, and the epoxy glues them into place. An alternative to using metal biscuits is using coins such as dimes.

how to install a corner shower shelf

The Prep work

  1. Draw a line down the centre of the marble corner shelf on the raw edges that will be facing the shower corners.
  2. Use a diamond blade (on a multi-tool, angle grinder, saw, or similar) to cut slots along these lines—ideally, three slots on each side of the shelf.
  3. Find the best place to mount the corner shelves to the tile. I recommend installing the shelves into the grout line so you do not damage your tile.
  4. Mark the grout line in the same spots that you cut slots on the shelves. This is crucial because you want them to line up when you mount them.
adding shelf to shower

The Installation

  1. Dry fit everything. Add your metal biscuits or coins (dimes work well!) into the slots you cut on your shelves and line them up with the holes you cut into the grout line.
  2. Clean the edges of the shelf and the shower wall where you are mounting the shelves with acetone.
  3. Apply painter’s tape around the grout line on the wall to protect the tile.
  4. Mix the 2-part epoxy.
  5. Work with one shelf at a time.
  6. Add epoxy to the slots on the edges of the shelf. Ensure there isn’t a lot of excess epoxy that will squeeze out. Add the metal biscuit or coins to the slots.
  7. Add epoxy to the slots cut into the grout line. Again, ensure there isn’t a lot of excess epoxy. Remove the painter’s tape.
  8. Carefully place the shelf, and ensure you push it all the way to the shower wall.
  9. Use acetone to remove any epoxy that may have squeezed out.
  10. Repeat the above steps for additional steps.
marble tile walls


  1. Once the epoxy has dried (see the manufacturer’s instructions on drying time), apply silicone caulking around the joints where the shelf meets the shower tile wall.
    • I recommend adding painter’s tape to the wall and the shelf to ensure the silicone does not make a mess. Remove the silicone after you finish caulking so the silicone does not dry, keeping the painter’s tape in place.

If you are more visual, I would recommend watching this video or this video to get a better understanding of the process.

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Marble tiled shower with corner shelves and gall partition
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