DIY Gingerbread Gift Tags: Upcycle Brown Delivery Boxes This Festive Season

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With the festive season just around the corner, there’s nothing like adding a personal touch to your gifts. Imagine receiving a gift wrapped in love and with a homemade tag that looks as sweet as gingerbread. Sounds lovely, right? Today, we’re diving into the delightful world of DIY Christmas tags and ideas, specifically, these homemade DIY gingerbread gift tags made from upcycled brown delivery boxes. Plus, we’ve got a special eco-friendly gift-wrapping idea that our family swears by!

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DIY gingerbread gift tag made from upcycled brown delivery box.
BH Nordmann Fir with Candlelight Clear LED lights, Burnished Metals Ornaments, mirror, garland, white paint pens, reusable bags.
Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas featuring homemade gift tags and reusable bags.

Upcycle Christmas Gift Tags: From Brown Boxes to Gingerbread Beauties

Do you often have a pile of brown delivery boxes after your online shopping spree? Before you think of tossing them out, here’s an innovative homemade gift tags idea that transforms them into beautiful gift tags.

  1. Gather Your Materials: All you’ll need are those brown delivery boxes, scissors, and white paint pens.
  2. Cut and Shape: Using your freehand skills cut out tag shapes from the brown boxes – think houses!
  3. Design with the White Paint Pen: Channel the beauty of gingerbread houses. Draw different patterns, swirls, dots, or even write names using the white paint pen. It should look like the icing on a gingerbread!
Craft station set up for creating DIY Christmas tags from recycled materials.

The Eco-Friendly Charm of Homemade Gift Tags

Apart from the personal touch, there’s another dimension to our homemade DIY Christmas gift tags ideas. By using upcycled materials, these eco-friendly gift tags save waste and lend a rustic charm to your presents. In times when sustainability is key, such eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas surely make a difference.

christmas tree with fireplace and mirror beside
BH Nordmann Fir with Candlelight Clear LED lights, Burnished Metals Ornaments, Bed frame, rug, lumbar pillow, pillow, large pillows, lamp, throw blanket, art, marble dish, vase, flowers, pinch pleat curtains, curtain rod, nightstand or similar.

Bonus Tip: Go Beyond Tags for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Speaking of eco-friendly, greening up your festive gifts is another beautiful way. Instead of the usual plastic or paper bags, consider using reusable bags. Our family loves to use reusable bags as an eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper, plus we have Santa sacks from Pottery Barn that are another great idea. They’re sturdy, stylish, and, most importantly, kind to our planet. Plus, they can be used year after year, making them a sustainable and cherished tradition.

Assorted eco-friendly gift tags displayed next to wrapped presents.

Wrap Up

With these DIY gingerbread gift tags made from brown delivery boxes and the bonus tip of using reusable bags, you’re all set to make this Christmas memorable and eco-friendly. Embrace these homemade gift tags ideas and upcycle Christmas gift tags for a celebration that’s as heartwarming as it is sustainable.

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