DIY: Christmas Tree Wreath

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While I was home the other week, I learned how to make a Christmas wreath for the front door, out of left over pieces of Christmas tree.

We already had a wire frame, but you can also use a wire coat hanger, and shape it into a circle.

First, we cut the pieces up smaller – because they were full branches.

We began placing the pieces, one at a time, and wrapping thread around a few times, near the bottom of the christmas tree piece.

Then, layering another piece of christmas tree, covering where we had wrapped the thread.

We kept repeating this process, all the way around the wire frame.

I chose a black thread (it was all we had), but you can’t see it at all.

I pulled out little bits and pieces of tree to cover up the thread.

Then, I began gluing fake berries and pinecones with a hot melt glue gun.

Then, we added a bow at the bottom.

The door we hung it on already had a nail to hang the wreath on, which made it easy.

If you don’t want to do that, you can buy wreath door hooks at many places this time of year.

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