One-Day Fireplace Transformation

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Are you tired of staring at your dull, builder-grade fireplace? Do you dream of a cozy, inviting living room perfect for snuggling up with a good book and hot cocoa? Well, you’re in luck because we have your ideal solution! I’ll show you how to upgrade your builder-grade fireplace in just one day with this DIY Project. Our simple and affordable project will transform your fireplace from drab to fab, and you won’t need to hire a professional.

If you’re attempting this DIY, I recommend watching this video since some things are easier shown on video than explained in a paragraph. I know that’s not for everyone, so photos of the steps are below.





Step One:

We pulled the firebox insert forward a little, which was no problem! It was just resting there and didn’t appear to be glued or anything. This way, we can tuck the shiplap boards in behind it and have the firebox in front of the shiplap rather than buried behind it.

Step Two:

Once we cut the first two pieces of the shiplap, we started to attach them with a brad nailer. I used a mitre saw to cut all the pieces since that is my only power saw. You can use whatever will cut you a straight line! Also, never assume the width is the same up the fireplace. We learned that this varied about 1/4 of an inch, so we measured the fireplace for every piece of shiplap before cutting.

Step Three:

We had to use a jigsaw to cut the pieces around the mantle, but a table saw might have been a better option if we had one!

Step Four:

Step Five:

Baseboard corners cut at a 45-degree angle

Step Six:

Building up the existing mantle to 8 inches by adding supporting blocks on the top of existing mantle. This is to ensure that the front of the mantle piece can be 8 inches, but the top and bottom are only 6 inches. Then adding smaller pieces to the ends to fill in the gaps. Scroll down to see a photo of how the end looks for a better understanding.

Step Seven:

The wood was attached to the existing mantle by using the brad nailer with nails long enough to go through the wood into the existing mantel.

See how the front piece is one continuous piece of wood with no joints!? I wanted to ensure the joints were hidden on the side, making the front the focus/focal point.

Step Eight:

Wood filler was used to fill any gaps. The wood filler I used is sustainable!

Step Nine:

These are the corner pieces we used for the edge of the fireplace to hide any rough edges of the shiplap and make a nice finished edge.

Step Ten:

Next, we taped off the mantle and stained it. The colour was called briarsmoke.

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