Faux Wood Stove DIY Brick Fireplace

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Are you looking to bring warmth, touch, and charm to your home this fall or winter? Look no further than a faux wood stove with a brick surround. This stunning DIY project will add a sense of nostalgia to your home and provide a focal point that exudes comfort and elegance. In this guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of creating your faux wood stove DIY brick fireplace that will become your home’s heart.

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faux wood stove with brick surround that I made for our kitchen to make it feel more cozy
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Embracing Timeless Elegance

The style of wood stove fireplaces with brick surrounds is a nod to the charming aesthetics often found in English country houses and cottages. It captures the essence of a bygone era, where evenings were spent in the warm embrace of a crackling fire, stories were shared, and memories were forged. This design choice seamlessly marries the rugged appeal of exposed brick with the rustic elegance of a wood stove, resulting in a space that exudes comfort and character.

These fireplaces are commonly associated with the cozy corners of traditional English interiors, bringing a touch of pastoral allure to modern homes. The combination of the earthy hues of brick and the warmth of wood perfectly encapsulates the essence of snug evenings spent in the countryside, making it a timeless style that transcends generations. Whether in a countryside retreat or a city apartment, infusing your living space with the charm of wood stove fireplaces with brick surrounds can transport you to a world of comfort and nostalgia.

diy brick fireplace using faux brick

The Cost-Effective Appeal of DIY Faux Wood Stove Brick Fireplaces

When renovating, budgets matter. DIYing a faux wood stove brick fireplace offers cost-effective luxury. Get the allure of a high-end brick-surround wood stove without overspending by choosing affordable materials like a faux wood stove and thin brick veneers. Replicate upscale ambiance without the hefty price tag.

Gathering Your Materials

The first step in this creative journey is to gather all the essential materials. To embark on this project, you’ll need a faux wood stove, a good primer suitable for your chosen colour scheme, construction adhesive (or mortar), thin brick veneer, paint for colouring the bricks, grout, and piping for the faux chimney. With these tools, you’re ready to turn your vision into reality.

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faux wood stove diy for our kitchen to make a cozy fireplace area to sit

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1. Priming and Prepping

Start by priming the faux wood stove with a primer that matches your desired colour scheme. This crucial step ensures the paint adheres smoothly and creates a seamless finish. Whether aiming for a classic black wood stove or a vintage white enamel look, a proper primer sets the stage for the transformation ahead.

2. Tracing the Opening

To bring your faux wood stove DIY brick fireplace to life, mark the shape of the opening on the wall where your masterpiece will reside. Carefully cut into the drywall following your markings, use a utility knife and then follow the line with a drywall knife. This step requires precision, so take your time to ensure the opening is just right.

3. Drywalling and Edging

Drywall the edges of the opening to ensure a smooth transition from the wall to your faux wood stove. This creates a clean and polished frame that enhances the overall aesthetic of your fireplace. You can reuse some of the drywall you cut out and screw it into place. Then, use drywall compound and corner bead to clean up the edges.

Removing the drywall to the brick wall

4. Building the Brick Surround

It’s time to give your fireplace its brick facade. You can use a cut off tool to cut the brick, ensuring the right blade is attached. Then, use construction adhesive or mortar to secure thin brick veneers onto the drywalled opening, using a laser level to ensure everything is aligned and level. The texture and depth of the bricks will add an authentic touch, creating a stunning contrast against the surrounding wall.

using laser level to install the faux brick for the faux fireplace surround

5. Adding Character with Colour

If you aim for a specific colour palette, consider using a paint wash to add subtle hues to your bricks. Test a few extra bricks first to achieve the desired effect. This step allows you to customize your faux wood stove DIY brick fireplace to blend with your home’s decor seamlessly. I used a cream whitewash paint (heavily watered down paint) on the bricks to ensure they were the colour I wanted.

wood stove with surround after adhesive, but before grout was added

6. Grout for Cohesion

Add grout between the bricks to ensure your new brick facade is as charming as it is secure. If you are trying to match your brick and grout to old brick like me, match the grout to the brick wall behind your drywall for a harmonious result. I recommend taking a small piece of the old grout for colour matching. This is a thoughtful touch that reflects your commitment to authenticity.

7. Crafting the Illusion

Enhance the realism of your faux wood stove DIY brick fireplace by adding a fake chimney. Attach piping to the top of the fireplace and install an elbow to direct it towards the wall. This simple addition adds depth and visual interest, creating an even more convincing portrayal of a traditional wood stove.

I used a Duct Connector, a Pipe Duct, and a Elbow to go “into” the brick wall to create the illusion this is a real working fireplace rather than a faux electric one.

diy brick fireplace once it was finished
Kitchen details. Shop the space: Frame TV, Art, Armchairs, Faux Fireplace (similar), Thin Brick, Shelf with Hooks, Stool (similar), Basket

8. Final Touches

Remember that consistency is critical as you put the finishing touches on your creation. Paint the faux chimney’s piping using the same paint and primer you used for the faux wood stove. This small but essential detail ensures that every element of your masterpiece harmonizes seamlessly.

Bringing Warmth and Style Home: Your Faux Wood Stove DIY Brick Fireplace

You’ve successfully transformed your living space with a faux wood stove DIY brick fireplace that radiates charm, warmth, and timeless appeal. This project not only showcases your creative prowess but also adds a unique touch that will be the envy of all who visit your home. Embrace the beauty of your creation and bask in the cozy ambience that only a flickering fire can provide.

finished look of faux brick fireplace in our kitchen and how I styled it

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