Dried Eucalyptus Wreath DIY

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When I was growing up the door to the front hallway had a dried Eucalyptus wreath on it. It looked beautiful but also has a lovely scent to it that you could smell when passing by. I have never seen any for sale, so I decided to take it upon myself to make one. It was really easy and I have now made a few! Plus, any extra branches look nice in a vase.

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What you will need:


– A few bunches of dried Eucalyptus (here or here)

– One Wreath Frame

Floral Wire

Separate out the pieces of Eucalyptus. Sometimes they are in a branch with multiple little branches coming off of one big one – I prefer to work with single pieces, but theoretically, you could use the big branches too!

Cut little pieces of the floral wire, about an inch in size. They don’t need to be perfect, just approximate.

Start on the inside of the wire wreath frame. Take one piece of the Eucalyptus and one piece of floral wire. Hold the Eucalyptus onto the first layer of the wire frame and with your fingers, wind the floral wire around the end of the branch and the wire frame. You can start at any point of the first level of the wire wreath frame. See the photo below. 

Continue to attach the Eucalyptus to the wire frame. You may need a few pieces of floral wire per branch to hold it onto the frame. 

Keep doing this all the way around the wire wreath frame, until it looks like the photo below.

Continue onto the next layers of the wire wreath frame. 

Once it is full (the frame is covered by branches all the way around, on every layer), start adding more layers. You will need to start attaching the new pieces of dried Eucalyptus to old branches that are already attached to the frame. This ensures there are no “hollow” pieces of wreath where you can see through it. It also gives the wreath a little more dimension to it. 

Keep adding layers until you are happy with the final product. I always like to save little pieces to stick into the wreath near the end. The smaller “leaves” of the Eucalyptus are my favourite, so I try to make sure these are the most visible, and the bigger, base pieces of the branches are hidden. Just a personal preference, and it will make more sense when you get a bundle of Eucalyptus and look at the branch pieces. 

Good luck!

If you make one, I’d love to see a photo via email or instagram!

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