How-to Install Picture Frame Molding: The No-Saw Method

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If you’ve ever been held back from installing picture frame trim due to concerns about using a saw, this guide is designed with you in mind! Utilizing specialized tools such as miter shears/scissors, this comprehensive guide will lead you through the no-saw picture frame molding process, offering valuable insights and creative ideas. Read on to discover how you can transform your living spaces easily and elegantly without the need for saws.

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I used the no saw picture frame molding trick to add trim to the bedroom with miter sheers/scissors!
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The Magic of Picture Frame Molding

Picture frame trim adds an elegant and custom touch to your walls. It’s a classic home upgrade that transforms a room in no time. One of the best things about picture frame trim is the sheer number of picture frame molding ideas you can explore. You can go modern or vintage, ornate or minimalist—the sky is the limit! But the idea of using a saw has always been a stumbling block for some people. But fret not; the no-saw picture frame molding solution is here, and it’s a game-changer!

adding picture frame trim really elevated the look of the living room! get ideas on adding picture frame moldings to your home
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Why Ditch the Saw? Opt for Miter Shears and Miter Scissors

So, what’s the deal with miter shears/scissors? First off, they’re incredibly easy to use. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er or a newbie, using miter shears will make you feel like a pro. These handy tools are designed to make accurate, angled cuts, just like a miter saw, but without the fuss.

If you’re hunting for the best miter shears, look for ones with adjustable angle settings and a sharp, high-quality blade. The picture frame molding miter shears are specially designed for this type of project, and they make your job as smooth as butter. The advantages? No sawdust flying around, less noise, and quicker setup and cleanup. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Not sure what paint sheen to use? Learn more here.

i added a small section of picture frame moulding to the bottom section of the wall with trim to divide and wallpaper above
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Your Step-By-Step Guide to No Saw Picture Frame Molding

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

First things first, you’ll need to gather the essential tools:

bathroom with trim on the walls! the no saw picture frame molding is the easiest way to get the look easily! using miter shears or scissors is much faster!
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Step 1: Paint your Trim

It is usually easiest to paint the molding before you install it. This way, you only need to do touchups after installation. 

Step 2: Plan and Measure

Use your measuring tape and a level to mark where you want to install your picture frame trim. This is where you can let your picture frame molding ideas run wild. So go ahead, sketch, brainstorm, and finalize your design! Using painter’s tape is a great way to visualize how the molding will look on the wall.

using miter shears/scissors to cut the trim

Step 3: Make the Cut

Use your miter shears to cut the molding at the desired angles. Typically, you will use 45-degree angles for traditional picture frame molding. Look at the photos above and below; the thicker part of the trim will be the “outside” of the “picture frame.” Practice makes perfect, so consider making a few practice cuts first. Take a look at a picture frame so you can understand the angles you are cutting. These tools are perfect for no-saw picture frame molding as they give you the necessary precision without the hassle.

showing the miter shears/scissors cutting the picture frame moulding

Step 4: Attach the Molding

Attach the picture frame molding to your wall using adhesive or nails, depending on your preference and wall type. I prefer a brad nailer with 3/4″ nails. Adhesive can be challenging if you ever want to remove the molding. Use a level to ensure everything is perfectly straight; a laser level is also a great tool for this type of project.

the brad nailer I use to install the moulding

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Fill in any gaps or imperfections with caulk, and you’re all set!

then i used wood filler to fill any holes and gaps

Picture Frame Molding Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

Ready to kick your creativity into high gear? There are so many picture frame molding ideas that you could use for different aesthetics in your home. From traditional squares and rectangles to more unconventional geometric designs, the sky’s the limit. The key is finding a design that complements your room and mirrors your style.

picture frame molding ideas from our bedroom

Wrapping Up

There you have it—a simple, easy-to-follow guide to installing no-saw picture frame molding. With the best miter shears/scissors, you can bring your picture frame molding ideas to life, sans the sawdust and the noise. Isn’t it time you gave your home that extra oomph with elegant picture frame trim? Prepare your tools and make your home beautiful, one cut at a time!

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