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One often overlooked yet essential component of bedroom design is the perfect nightstand and height for your space. Finding the right nightstand height is more than just a convenient place to set your water glass; it can significantly impact your bedroom’s overall aesthetics and functionality. This guide will delve into bedside table heights, designer insights, and practical tips to ensure your bedroom design has elegance and convenience.

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bedroom with cane bed and bedside table height perfection for functionality
Design: Tiffany Leigh Design, Project Strathcona. Photography by Patrick Biller

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Why Nightstand Height Matters: Striking the Perfect Balance

The height of your nightstand plays a crucial role in maintaining your bedroom’s visual and functional equilibrium. Whether reaching for your alarm clock (or phone) in the morning or placing your favourite book, the convenience of a correctly sized nightstand can’t be underestimated. But how do you strike that perfect balance between form and function? Let’s explore.

my floral bedroom with nightstand at the perfect height for aesthetics and function
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The Goldilocks Principle: Finding the Right Nightstand Height

Much like Goldilocks searching for the perfect bowl of porridge, finding the ideal bedside table height involves a bit of trial and error. However, there are some general guidelines to help you along the way:

  1. Bed Height and Nightstand Harmony: Your nightstand should ideally be level with the height of your mattress or 2-4 inches above your mattress. So, this ensures a seamless visual flow, making your nightstand look like a natural extension of your bed.
  2. Elbow Height Comfort: When sitting or lying in bed, the top of your nightstand should be comfortable for your arm to reach easily. This makes it convenient to grab essentials without straining.
  3. Functionality First: Consider how you’ll use your nightstand. So, if you’re an avid reader, opt for a slightly lower nightstand to have your reading materials within easy reach. Also, a higher nightstand is more suitable if you use it primarily for decor.
finding the perfect nightstand height to achieve the right aesthetics for the space. warm earth toned bedroom
Design: Tiffany Leigh Design, Project PEC Cottage. Photography by Patrick Biller

Mastering Aesthetics: Nightstand Height and Bedroom Design

Beyond the functional aspects, your nightstand’s height can significantly impact the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. Here’s how to make your nightstand a design statement:

  1. Proportional Perfection: A nightstand that’s too tall or short in relation to your bed can throw off the room’s visual balance. Therefore, you should aim for a bedside table height that harmonizes your bed frame and other furniture.
  2. Customization Counts: Don’t hesitate to think outside the box. Some beds, like platform beds, have different height requirements. So, consider customizing your nightstand height to complement your unique bed style in such cases.
  3. Twinning with Your Bedside Lamp: If you plan to place a lamp on your nightstand, factor in its height, too. The combined size of the nightstand and lamp should provide ample light while not overwhelming the space.

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Finding the right nightstand height, this is a great example of having the bedside table height close to the height of the mattress
Design: Tiffany Leigh Design, Project Cobourg. Photographer Lauren Miller

Elevate Your Bedroom, One Nightstand at a Time

Finding the right nightstand height plays a leading role in orchestrating the perfect composition of style and functionality. So, you can craft a visually stunning and practical bedroom by keeping these principles of proportion, comfort, and personal preference in mind. Whether you’re redesigning your bedroom or just looking to make a subtle upgrade, remember that when it comes to bedside table height, there’s a sweet spot waiting to be discovered – one that promises to elevate your bedroom aesthetics to new heights.

the perfect beside table height with tips
Design: Tiffany Leigh Design, Project PEC Cottage. Photography by Patrick Biller


What is a good height for a nightstand?

A good height for a nightstand is generally level with the mattress but a few inches above the mattress works well too.

Should the nightstand be higher or lower than the bed?

Nightstands should ideally be the same height as your mattress (or a few inches taller) for optimal comfort, allowing easy access and a visually pleasing balance in your bedroom setup.

Is 32 too high for a nightstand?

A height of 32 inches for a nightstand might feel too high, but this depends on the height of your mattress!

How far below the bed should the nightstand be?

Nightstands are typically positioned at mattress level or around 2-4 inches above the top of the mattress, ensuring comfortable reach and maintaining a cohesive look in your bedroom arrangement.

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