How to Hang Pleated Curtains

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Welcome to your go-to guide on how to hang pleated curtains with professional flair! If you’re unsure how to use curtain hooks, attach round rings to curtains, or use drapery hooks, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ll walk you through the essentials and give you a tutorial on how to hang curtains with rings, ensuring your living space radiates elegance and style.

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living room with curtains where I learned to hang pleated curtains with curtain rings
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The Why and What of Pleated Curtains

Why Choose Pleated Curtains: A Closer Look

Pleated curtains serve both aesthetic and functional roles. Beyond their capacity to elevate room aesthetics, they offer advantages like light control, privacy, and thermal insulation.

What are Pleated Curtains?

Pleated curtains are window treatments featuring fabric folded and sewn into patterned pleats. The design allows for controlled fullness and a tailored look, making these curtains a versatile choice for various home styles.

kitchen with pleated curtains where I learned how to use rings
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Understanding the Basics: Your Essential Shopping List and Glossary

Before we delve into how to hang pleated curtains, it’s important to understand the tools and materials involved.

What You’ll Need

  • Pleated Curtains: The main act features sewn-in pleats for a refined look.
  • Curtain Hooks: These are small, often metal or plastic hooks that latch into the fabric of the curtain and attach to curtain rings or directly to a curtain rod. 
  • Drapery Hooks: Similar to curtain hooks but designed to offer a more flush, seamless appearance between the curtain and the rod.
  • Curtain Rod: The horizontal bar above your window where the curtains hang.
  • Curtain Rings or Round Rings: These circular pieces slide along the curtain rod. They usually have small eyelets to hold curtain hooks. Ensure the rings are the right size for the rod – you don’t want the rings to be too large for the rod.
  • Measuring Tape, Pencil, Level, Drill: For precise measurement and installation.
bedroom with blackout curtains, where i learned how to hang curtains with rings and drapery hooks

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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Hang Pleated Curtains

Combining drapery hooks with rings offers the best of both worlds—a seamless look and the flexibility and ease of gliding curtains. This advanced setup gives your pleated curtains a tailored finish, allowing easy opening and closing. Here’s a thorough explanation of how to hang pleated curtains using both drapery hooks and rings.

Step 1: Accurate Measurements are Key

Use your measuring tape to measure the window width and the curtain rod’s desired height. Use a pencil to mark the positions for the rod brackets. Ensure they are level.

Follow the curtain rod manufacturer’s installation instructions to ensure your curtain rods are secure. Use a drill for firm installation.

Step 2: Rod Installation

Secure the curtain rod brackets to the wall using a drill. Make sure they are sturdy and level. Slide the curtain rings onto the rod before installing it into the brackets.

bathroom with cafe curtains using drapery rings and hooks

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Step 3: Prepare the Pleated Curtains

Secure the curtain rod brackets to the wall using a drill. Make sure they are sturdy and level. Slide the curtain rings onto the rod before installing it into the brackets.

Step 4: How to Use Curtain Hooks

Insert the drapery hooks into the fabric through the sewn-in pockets or loops. Ensure that they are evenly spaced along the curtain.

how to use curtain hooks on pleats

Step 5: How to Hang Curtains with Rings

This unique step combines the advantages of both hooks and rings. Open the eyelets or clips on the curtain rings and attach them to the inserted drapery hooks. Make sure they are securely fastened and evenly spaced.

dining room with wood table and decor
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Step 6: Hang Curtains on the Rod

Carefully lift the curtain and hook the rings over the curtain rod, or clip them in place if your rings have clips. Make sure all the rings are correctly seated on the rod.

using curtain hooks on rings

Step 7: Adjust and Fine-Tune

Take a few steps back to admire your work. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the curtains are hanging evenly. You can unclip the rings and reposition the drapery hooks for a better drape if needed.

Are rings not sliding smoothly? Are they getting stuck on the joint in the rod? Try this drapery glide tape! I use this on my curtains to help open and close them easier.

bathroom with moulding on the walls

How to Use Drapery Hooks

Drapery hooks are a fantastic choice when you want your curtains to have a closer, more seamless relationship with the curtain rod. Unlike traditional curtain hooks that attach to rings, drapery hooks can go directly into the eyelets of the curtain rod or even into a track, offering a clean line that can make your pleated curtains look even more elegant.

Final Flourishes and Thoughts

Personalize your setup with unique tiebacks or decorative finials on your curtain rods. Now that you know how to hang pleated curtains and what each component is, you’re ready to transform your living space into a personalized haven of elegance. Happy decorating!

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