Designer Inspired Chandelier: Look for Less DIY Project

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Are you in the market for designer light fixtures but can’t stomach the designer price tag? There are some places where it’s worth the splurge for a designer chandelier, but today, we’re trying to save some money! We’ll walk you through an amazing project where you can transform a regular chandelier into a designer inspired one without the big price tag. And guess what? You can achieve this fabulous “look for less chandelier” without breaking the bank or compromising safety. At the time of sharing, this project was completed for under $150 USD or $250 CAD, including some supplies I already had, vs. approx $1,400 for the designer chandelier.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Bedroom with my new look for less chandelier projected to get a designer inspired chandelier/nottaway dupe
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Safety First: The Golden Rule of DIY Lighting Projects

Before diving into the exciting world of designer inspired chandelier makeovers, we must cover some safety guidelines. We don’t want to change the integrity of the light fixture. In fact, we won’t be touching the wiring at all. This project mainly involves paint and other decorative materials. If you’re uncomfortable with this DIY project, it might be best to sit it out.

Once we’re done upgrading our chandelier, always hire a professional to install it for you. Knowing the height you desire for your chandelier is crucial before the installation begins.

Bedroom project almost finished with the look for less chandelier, getting a designer light fixtures look

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designer inspired light fixture that I diy for the ebdroom

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Step 1: Unboxing and Initial Setup

Alright, let’s get started! Unbox your new chandelier and follow the setup instructions that come along with it. Here’s a pro tip: Do NOT add the candle chandelier disks to each light yet. We have a special plan for those!

DIY look for less materials and supplies

Step 2: The Elegant Flip

Locate the top hook of the chandelier that connects to the ceiling canopy. Gently unscrew this, and then take one of those chandelier disks you set aside during the initial setup. Flip it upside down and slide it down the main chandelier pole. This simple flip will add an unexpected, designer-like touch to your project and get it closer to the designer version.

remove the top to slide peices down the middle

Step 3: The Ping Pong Transformation

Now, take a table tennis ball and drill a hole through it. Spray paint it black and let it dry.

Slide this ball down the main chandelier pole so it nestles into the center. A dab of super glue will secure it in place. Why a table tennis ball, you ask? This little trick gives that designer-inspired look of the chandelier that inspired this project, and a table tennis ball is the easiest way to achieve this!

adding a ping pong ball

Step 4: Measure and Cut the Curtain Ring

Remember the decorative “ball” at the bottom center of your chandelier? Measure its diameter because you’re about to give it a glamorous facelift. Take a curtain ring and cut out a piece equal to the measurement you just took. This will ensure a snug fit when you attach it to the decorative “ball” on the chandelier.

We will attach this to the chandelier with super glue, later.

adding a ring to the base to get the designer inspired look

Step 5: Rub N Buff Magic

Time to add some colour! Use “Rub N Buff” to tap metallic hues throughout the chandelier. Want to achieve a nuanced look? Mix different colours like gold, silver, bronze, and black. This adds depth and sophistication, elevating your “look for less chandelier” to designer light fixtures status.

Don’t forget to add these metallic colours to your chandelier chain and canopy.

look for less chandelier finished and hanging in the bedroom. designer light fixtures on a budget

Step 6: Add the Final Touches

Fear not if your chandelier comes with unimpressive “candle” light bases! Add candle chandelier sleeves, or use creamy white paint to give them a vintage look. 

Finally, attach the C-shaped ring to the decorative ball at the bottom of the chandelier, securing it with super glue. Attaching this piece once your chandelier is hanging is often best to avoid accidental bumps during installation.

designer inspired chandelier with my look for less gude to make a nottaway dupe

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Wrap-Up: Ready to Show Off Your Designer Inspired Chandelier!

You’ve just created a look for less chandelier that is similar to designer light fixtures, without the big price tag! Remember, hire a professional to install your gorgeous, designer inspired chandelier. You wouldn’t want to compromise all that hard work and creativity by taking shortcuts on safety.

Now, step back and admire your handiwork. This designer inspired chandelier is not just a light fixture; it’s a statement piece and elevates your space! Happy DIYing!

view of the bedroom with cat on the bed and new designer inspired light fixture

a before and after of the chandelier nottaway dupe project

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  1. How did you apply the Rub n Buff? Did you mix the gold, silver, bronze, and black together or did you layer it, dabbing with a sponge?

  2. I worked in layers staring with the gold dabbing it on with a brush, then I added some silver, another colour of gold, some black. I really just kept playing around with it until it felt right!

  3. So lovely. I want to give this project a try. How high are your ceilings?

  4. Love this! How did you get your “candlesticks” white? Did you just prime them and then exclude them from rub & buff? Thanks!

  5. I just painted them white! I tried to find the chandelier candle sleeves but couldn’t find the right size