The Best Tools for Beginner DIY Projects

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If you’re new to DIY and looking to learn more about the tools you might need to start, you’re in the right place! From experience, having the appropriate tools is essential for the success of your DIY projects – and to save you from running to the store every 30 minutes! This post will cover the best DIY tools for beginners, including the best saw for beginner DIYers and my personal favourites.

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What are the most useful tools at home?

If you’re new to DIY, what equipment do you need to start your first project? Many of these tools are useful to have as a homeowner or renter, so it’s possible you might already own some of these. Every beginner DIYer should have the following essential tools in their toolkit: 

  1. Hammer – Used for driving nails and removing nails.
  2. Screwdriver set – Used for tightening and loosening screws. You will need one with multiple heads, including flathead and Phillips.
  3. Pliers – Used for gripping and holding objects.
  4. Tape measure – Used for measuring distances and lengths.
  5. Utility knife – Used for cutting various materials.
  6. Cordless drill – Used for drilling holes and driving screws.
  7. Level – Used for ensuring objects are straight and level.
  8. Adjustable wrench – Used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts.
  9. Handsaw – Used for cutting wood and other materials. A saw and mitre box might be a good choice for you!
bathroom refresh with panel moulding, diy project with beginner tools
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What tools does a beginner DIY need?

First and foremost, assembling a basic toolbox with the items listed above is a smart place to start. Tools, including a hammer, screwdriver set, level, tape measure, and pliers, should be in this toolbox. 

You may take on various DIY projects with this basic toolset, from hanging shelves to tightening cabinet hinges. In addition, you may gradually expand your toolbox as you gain expertise by adding more specialized equipment like a jigsaw, a mitre saw, and a brad nailer.

It is important to think about your first few projects and the tools you will use to do them.

ikea pac hack project diy
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Cordless Drill

For any homeowner, a cordless drill is a multipurpose power tool that is a must-have! If you have the correct drill bits, a cordless drill can be handy for various tasks, such as metalworking, woodworking, and home repairs. 

A cordless drill is a handheld device that works fast and effectively to drill holes and drive screws. Because cordless drills use rechargeable batteries instead of cords, they are more mobile and convenient to use when working on projects. Additionally, many cordless drills have torque settings that you can change, allowing precise control when driving screws. You might want to purchase a set of drill bits to go with your cordless drill.

bonus room with tv wall and shiplap behind, diy project
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Brad Nailer

One of my personal favourites that I use in most DIY projects is a brad nailer. Some may not consider this an essential DIY tool, but it makes every project easier for me!

A brad nailer fires small nails (brads), ideal for delicate work requiring a clean and professional finish. Unlike traditional hammers and nails, a brad nailer allows for quick and effortless nail insertion, reducing the likelihood of damage to the material you are working on. In addition, with a brad nailer, you can easily attach trim, mouldings, and other decorative elements to your project with minimal fuss.

breakfast nook with diy dhiplap walls
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Not sure where to start? A powder room refresh is a great beginner project. Learn more about mine here.

What is the best tool to cut wood for beginners?

Circular Saw

Another power tool to consider is a circular saw. This saw is versatile and you can use it for a range of cutting tasks, such as cutting plywood or trimming boards. Circular saws are rated as a great beginner DIY tool by many, but the following two options are my top choices as a beginner. 

Mitre Saw

A mitre saw is a saw that allows you to make precise angled cuts, making it ideal for projects like moulding or building a bookshelf. They can also be used to make more minor, straight cuts. The mitre saw I have is an older Makita 12″ Compound Mitre Saw from my dad. However, for a beginner DIYer, many cheaper options would work just as well for home DIY projects. 

living room with diy panel moulding on the walls cut with a mitre saw
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When I first started out on DIY projects, I got away with using a mitre box for a while. For projects like installing picture frame moulding, this works okay. However, as you advance in your DIY adventures, a mitre saw is a great addition and makes projects much easier and faster. 

Pro Tip: Installing picture frame moulding, board and batten – or just installing art? One of my favourite tools is a laser level. Shop it here.


Another tool that can come in handy for DIY beginners is a jigsaw. A jigsaw is a handheld saw that can make curved or intricate cuts. 

DIY powder room with trim and floral wallpaper
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The best tools for beginner DIY projects include a basic toolkit, a cordless drill, a mitre saw, and a jigsaw – plus my favourite, a brad nailer. With these tools, you’ll be ready to take on a wide range of DIY projects confidently. Happy DIYing!

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