A-Frame Gingerbread Table Setting

I couldn’t help but share this cute cozy table setting. I had this inspiration in my mind for weeks and had to finally execute it. I bought a gingerbread village set last year, but only used the little A frame cookie cutters to make these. I used the PC Gingerbread mix to make them and icing sugar and milk to make the icing. It held surprisingly well but I think that is in part sue to the style of this gingerbread house – all 4 pieces are touching the ground making the A of the A-frame, so no sliding roof!

I couldn’t find the same shop that I got these last year, but I found the same brand available to buy here or search Foxrun gingerbread village.

The dishes were kingly gifted by Fable, but the rest of the items shown in this space can be purchased here:


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