Hanging Stockings without a Mantel

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I am loving how I styled my space for the holiday season. I was debating getting a electric fireplace but I came up with a better solution that makes a little more sense in my current living situation. I know so many other people struggle with where to put their stockings if they don’t have a fireplace mantle so I wanted to share how I did it!

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What you need:

3M hooks

Ribbon (mine is from HomeSense)

– Pin/Safety Pin

– A picture (Mine is from @rustandhoney)

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This is really easy and a great way to hang your stockings if you don’t have a mantle like me!

First, hang your picture up on the wall.

Then, take the 3M hooks and line them up under the picture so that they are evenly spaced. Then, follow the instructions on the back of the 3M hook package to stick them to the wall.

Hang your stocking on the hook.

Tie your ribbon into a bow. I decided to use two different types of ribbon for extra texture but it is not necessary!

Take your pin or safety pin and put it through the back centre of the bow.

Then, attach it to the stocking hook that is hanging from the 3M hook.

This makes it look like the ribbon is part of the stocking.

It’s best if you pick a ribbon that matches your stocking unless you are going for a more bold look. It doesn’t need to match, I just like that the ribbons look like they are part of the stocking.

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