Chocolate Strawberry Cake

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I know so many of you absolutely loved the little cake I made on the weekend so I wanted to share a few more details about it. This is the cake I grew up having so often and is definitely a family classic!

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I have shared this chocolate cake in my stories on Instagram a few times. Sadly I don’t have proper blog level images to share with you, but I have little thumbnails from my stories until I make the cake again and take better photos. I hope this will do for now!

How I Made It

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Betty Crocker Devil's Food Super Moist Cake Mix, 432 Gram

I always use a Devils Food Cake chocolate mix. I use just one box and 2, 8-inch cake pans. I bake the cakes as directed on the box. Then wrap them up in plastic wrap and place them in the freezer. Overnight is usually best. This helps to keep the cake together and stop it from crumbling when you are trying to ice it. 

Once you take the cake out from the freezer, I recommend using a knife to flatten out the top. Normally cake tops become very rounded when baking. When stacking two cake sponges, they need to be flat to sit straight. In this cake I am showing below, I split each sponge in half to create 4 layers instead of 2, so that I could have extra layers of strawberries. 

I then add the bottom sponge to the cake stand and add a a layer of strawberry jam and then a layer of sliced strawberries. After this add the next sponge and repeat until the top layer. On the top of the cake you do not add jam/strawberries. 

In a bowl, add whipping cream (35% cream) and whip it until it is thick enough – the trick is when you can turn the bowl upside down without the whipped cream falling out. 

Using a spoon or icing spatula (see below), spread thick layers of whipped cream all over the cake until you can’t see the cake sponge. 

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Then, using a dough scraper (see below), lightly scrape away whipped cream, making the edges of the cake very smooth. Then smooth the top as well. You really don’t need to do this, you could just smooth it out with a knife, it just won’t be as smooth!

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On this particular cake I added a sweet little gingerbread house and some little sprigs of Christmas tree. This was really just because I thought it would be so cute! Gingerbread doesn’t really make sense on a chocolate cake but thats okay!  On other cakes I make wreaths of blueberries and strawberries or arrangements of strawberries. I’ll add a few images below! The images also show how smooth I made the cake edges. 

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