Trip to Yellowknife, 2020

At the beginning of 2020 we had the chance to go to Yellowknife! This trip was the end of February 2020 and we all know what happened the following month, so I never had the chance to share this video. Linking as much as I can below as well as a blog post with more photos. Let me know if you have any questions about this trip!


I spent around 7 days in Yellowknife, I think you could do everything in less but I was there visiting Chris and celebrating my birthday.

We went to Aurora village to do some of the daytime activities, and then we went back another day for my birthday to watch the northern lights. They had these warm chair rentals to sit in and look up – totally worth it because it was freezing! We also brought a backpack with snacks to eat. I ate birthday cake oreos under the northern lights for my birthday, which is a pretty cool memory! We also found out where we would be living for the next 5+ years on this trip, which is why it was such a big deal as Chris was waiting for the news this particular week!

It was very very cold. I wore 3 pairs of leggings whenever we went out, as well as my Community Down Parka, and lots of layers. In Toronto I usually don’t layer under my parka, but there I tried to wear long johns and wool sweaters! There are a few “pretty” photos that I took there with less realistic outfits, which I just took photos in and then changed!

The northern lights were really hard to capture! The photos I took were on my iPhone 11 pro. I took a DSLR but it was too much fiddling around with settings in -40 temperatures! I would recommend a tripod for your iPhone though, because you have to keep the camera really still to capture the photos.

Here are some of the links from things that we did, if there’s anything I missed – let me know.

Snowking’s Winter Festival

Aurora Village

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre – Yellowknife

Pilot’s Monument

Bullock’s Bistro



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