Füssen and Munich, Germany

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Today was the absolute perfect day. We caught a horse drawn carriage up to Neuschwanstein castle, and took a tour around the castle – the paintings and everything were gorgeous! 

Following, we hiked around the area, convinced that even though the bridge was closed we would find the perfect view and we did! We hiked right under the bridge – above the gorge/waterfall. After we had schnitzel for lunch, and started walking towards the Tegelbergbahn, which is where you can get a gondola to the top of the mountain. First off, the walk from the castle to here was so beautiful with snow cap mountains all around! When we finally got to the Tegelbergbahn we went on this bob sled ride/luge through the mountain which was a lot of fun! Then we caught the gondola to the top where we enjoyed a cup of tea with hot apple strudel. Such an amazing day to celebrate two years together! 

We decided we didn’t need two days in Füssen so tomorrow morning we are heading to Munich early and might make some adjustments to our travel plans from there!

If anyone ever plans on visit the castle I definitely recommend going early. We did a 9:55 tour and any later would have been too busy. We also had to get there by 8:15 to get tickets. The ticket office was insanely busy when we left the castle later. Also I really recommend doing the gondola ride up the mountain. Both the castle and the view from the mountain combined are one of my favourite memories! Plus the tea of course (surprisingly not pricey for being on top of a mountain!) Absolutely amazing memory!  

By the time we got to Munich we had seen many other European cities and found it was just the same. A river, a cathedral, pretty buildings etc. I am sure there are amazing things to see but we were feeling a little tired from all of the travelling! We walked around the city, enjoyed lunch in the park and later went to one of the oldest beergardens in Munich, Augustiner Keller where we enjoyed a litre of beer and a huge pretzel! During this time we tried to plan where to go the next day, this is where we decided Brussels. 

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