Plitvice Lakes and Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb has been a different kind of adventure than Budapest, but we’ve still really enjoyed it! 

It has rained almost every second of our time here in the past two days! The first day we relaxed and explored Zagreb and found a sweets festival going on nearby with many little booths of sweet treats as well as live music. Today, we went to  Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of two national parks in Croatia I’ve always wanted to visit! I was a little disappointed with the weather being so rainy but we made the best of it! We arranged a bus ride with our hostel, and had about 3-4 hours in the park. We walked a few km through the park and saw amazing waterfalls and nature throughout. It was a great experience! Plus because it was such horrible weather, it wasn’t too busy – or at least as busy as I’ve heard it can be. Many great memories, photos and very wet feet! Next we’re heading to Munich and Füssen, Germany!



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