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It’s the last day of our backpacking portion of the trip, and we had most of the day to spend in Amsterdam. 

We spent the morning walking around exploring, and in the afternoon we took a boat tour which was nice. We really enjoyed doing that, as it was a fun way to explore Amsterdam and see everything from a different perspective. We found a nice cafe for lunch and tea overlooking the water and a cat came and hopped up on Chris’ lap and slept there for over an hour, which was very cute! We walked past the Anne Frank house and saw the line up was probably a few hours long so we decided not to do that and learned we should have booked it in advance if we wanted to see it. Before 3:30 they allow online bookings and after that it’s at door ticket purchase only (of course it was just after 3:30). Right now we are at the airport ready to head to London. We are relaxing for a day, and on Monday heading to the Lake District to relax and hike. We have had an amazing two weeks travelling around many different places but we are definitely looking forward to being in England for the next 5 weeks, and not moving around so much!

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