Gleaming Primrose Mirror Look for Less

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If you’re looking for a look for less Anthropologie mirror on a budget, I have the perfect ones for you! The Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror is one of those coveted, iconic items but can be out of budget, especially when you look at the larger versions! Luckily for every gleaming primrose mirror lover, there are some amazing primrose mirror looks for less out there.

Originally posted September 30, 2020 and updated in May 2022 with updated information and links.

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The Original Anthropologie mirror

This is the iconic anthropologie gold mirror that everyone is obsessed with, and it comes in many different sizes. A few times a year, the gleaming primrose mirror goes on sale, which is a great time to get it if you want the original, but there are still some amazing alternatives out there, especially if you are looking for a larger size or floor mirror option.

10 Gleaming Primrose Mirror Look for Less Options

  1. Traditional Ornate Frame Arch mirror, $179.99 
    Traditional Ornate Frame Arch Mantel Wall Mirror Baroque Inspired Bathroom Vanity Rectangle Wall Mounted Mirror, Antqiued Gold 30X34''''
  2. Traditional Accent Mirror, $266.99
    Juri Traditional Accent Mirror
  3. Wreath Accent Mirror, $359.99
    Horley Wreath Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror
  4. Anglo Arendahl Traditional Accent Mirror, $129
    Zoomed Image
  5. Carved Elegant Gold Arch Mirror
  6. Nicole Miller Home, curved Wall Mirror, $79.99
    Curved Wall Mirror
  7. Amelie Wall Mirror in Gold, $699
  8. Beaudry Mirror, $599-899
  9. Ornate Filigree Mirrors, on sale for $299-$399
    Alt image 1 for Ornate Filigree Mirrors
  10. Vintage Exquisite Carved Vanity Mirror, $289

The best Anthropologie Primrose Mirror Look for Less

If you’re looking for the perfect primrose mirror look for less in Canada for half the price the Pascale mirror from Structube is available for C$349 in Canada. The biggest draw to the Structube mirror is that it is half the price of the Anthropologie and you can get it in Canada, which is not the case with the Gleaming Primrose Anthropologie mirror that you have to have imported by an outside company to Canada. I’ll share all of the details, what I think the main differences are between the two and some side by side comparisons below. Both Anthropologie and Structube carry various sizes of this mirror. 

Buy the Gleaming Primrose from Anthropologie here or Pascale from Structube here

Gleaming Primrose, Anthropologie (left) vs. Pascale, Structube (right)


When you compare the two mirrors side-by-side, the size is the same, and overall looks are identical. The weight even feels similar! If they look slightly different in the images, there is a good chance my photo angle/cropping wasn’t perfect.

A little close up of the top detailing.

The front mirror in the three below images is the Gleaming Primrose, and the mirror behind is the Pascale. What is most noticeable in these two is that the Gleaming Primrose is a little darker, and the Pascale is a bit of a brighter shiner, gold. Though I have owned the Gleaming Primrose for a year, it probably has a bit of aging and dust, so I can’t guarantee that this won’t happen over time to the Pascale. Plus, this small variation in colour isn’t noticeable unless they are sitting side by side like this. 

A view of the side detailing of the two mirrors.

The mirror behind is Gleaming Primrose, and the one in front is Pascale for both of these images.
The detailing is pretty similar. The left side of the GP is missing a little curl/leaf detail in comparison to the right side of the mirror. I think this is the biggest difference between the two and I never noticed that the GP was not symmetrical in this sense, but the Structube version has it on both sides. Also, maybe a bit better quality in the Gleaming Primrose, but again, you can only tell up close, when you look at them side by side.

The little details in the “bumps” all the way up the frame even seem identical, and I would say the bases are the same as well. In the right photo it seems like the Structube version might be a little wonky on the bottom, but it could also be from leaning against the other mirror. Again, you can tell the Anthropologie version is a bit darker and less shiny.

See the difference?!

I actually looked up a photo of the Gleaming Primrose because I wanted to see if this was just an error on mine, but it isn’t! They all seem to be missing this detail.

From the back
The back look of the mirror really leads me to believe these mirrors come from the same manufacturer. Left is Anthropologie and right is Structube.

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