25 Home Decor Items to Thrift & Best Stores

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Are you looking for unique decor for your home, adding character and warmth? Are you in love with designers like Amber Lewis, who feature beautiful “found” and antique-look elements? Look no further than the world of home decor thrifting! Not only is thrifting an eco-friendly choice, but it also allows you to find one-of-a-kind items that add personality and charm to your home – on a budget! Today, we’ll dive into decorating with thrift store finds, the best thrift stores to shop, and unveil the best-kept secrets for finding those hidden home decor gems.

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bedroom featuring thrifted decor styled on a free marketplace dresser

Why Choose Home Decor Thrift?

Home decor thrifting isn’t just a shopping experience; it’s an exciting adventure. Each home decor thrift store visit presents a new opportunity to uncover rare and vintage items that can transform your space. Besides being cost-effective, thrifted decor is a great way to express your style and contribute to sustainability by giving old things a new life.

bookcase filled with some of my favourite pieces of thrifted decor from the best stores near me
Dining Room Project

Top Picks: Best Thrift Store for Home Decor

  1. Local Thrift Shops: Your local thrift stores are treasure troves for home decor finds. They often have a rotating inventory, meaning every visit is a new chance to find something special.
    1. “Search “Thrift” on Google Maps for your area. Look at the description and reviews or call the store to see if they feature home items.
    2. Salvation Army, Value Village, and Habitat ReStore are some larger chain thrift stores throughout the country.
  2. Online Thrift Stores: For those who prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes, online thrift stores are a fantastic option. Sites like Etsy and eBay offer a wide range of vintage and second-hand decor items.
  3. Specialty Thrift Stores: Some thrift stores specialize in home decor and furniture. These stores are ideal for finding larger pieces like couches, tables, and lamps.
thrfited home decor lining the shelevs of my glass cabinet in my kitchen, plus some of my favourite pretty pantry jars
Kitchen Reno Details

25 Home Decor Items to Look for in Thrift Stores

These are my top 6 favourites to search for at the thrift store, plus 19 more that are also amazing to keep an eye out for at thrift stores!

  1. Picture Frames: An eclectic mix of sizes and styles can be found.
  2. Vases: Glass, ceramic, or metal, vases are versatile decor items.
  3. Decorative Baskets: Useful for storage and decoration.
  4. Coffee Table Books: Used for reading or as decorative accents – take a look under the dust jacket!
  5. Decorative Plates and Bowls: Perfect for displaying on shelves or tables.
  6. Brass Decoratives: Candlesticks, vases, or figurines.
baby nursery with a gallery wall using home decor thrifted framed with art downloads.
Nursery details + shop
  1. Bookends: Functional and decorative, great for bookshelves.
  2. Candles and Candle Holders: Ideal for creating a cozy ambiance.
  3. Wall Art: Paintings, prints, and other art pieces offer personality.
  4. Area Rugs: A great find if in good condition, adding warmth to any space.
  5. Planters and Pots: For indoor or outdoor plant enthusiasts.
  6. Vintage Glassware: Unique glasses or decanter sets.
  7. Table Lamps: Different styles from different eras can be found.
home decor thrift store and how I styled them on my dining table
Breakfast nook details + shop
  1. Curtains and Drapes: They can be a steal if in good condition.
  2. Throw Pillows and Blankets: Add comfort and colour to a room.
  3. Mirrors: From classic to quirky frames, mirrors are a staple.
  4. Furniture: Side tables, stools, and chairs often pop up. ReStore is a great place to look for larger items.
  5. Ceramic Figurines: Quirky and classic figurines add charm.
  6. Clocks: Vintage or modern, they’re both practical and decorative.
kitchen range area with home decor thrift store items
  1. Handwoven Tapestries: Unique and often handcrafted pieces.
  2. Vintage Lamps: Unique and often ornate, perfect for adding character to a room.
  3. Embroidered Linens: Tablecloths, napkins, or hand towels with character.
  4. Wooden Trays: For serving or as a base for a decorative arrangement.
  5. Seasonal Decorations: For holidays or changing seasons.
  6. Old Maps and Posters: For a touch of vintage or eclectic flair.
faux fireplace with building in bookcase styled with books and decor

Home Decor Thrifting: A Sustainable Choice

In addition to being a fun and creative endeavour, thrifting is a sustainable way to decorate. It reduces waste and the demand for new products, making it an environmentally friendly option.

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Embark on Your Home Decor Thrift Adventure!

Thrifting for home decor is more than just shopping; it’s about creating a unique space that tells your story. With these tips and insights on the best thrift store for home decor, you’re well on your way to creating a stylish and sustainable space. Remember, the key to successful thrifting is patience and an open mind. Happy thrifting!

this sweet little area in my kitchen was such a challenge to decorate but I love how it turned out - hook shelf on the wall, some hanging plates, armchairs and fireplace


Is thrifting still trendy?

Yes, thrifting is still very trendy, especially in the realm of home decor thrift. It’s celebrated for its sustainable approach and the unique charm it brings to home styling.

What is thrifting style called?

Thrifting style is a term that encompasses the unique and eclectic approach to decorating with various thrifted finds. This style highlights the individuality and creativity in combining different eras and designs.

What is the difference between thrift and vintage?

Some people use these interchangeably; however, the real difference lies in age and quality; vintage items are typically older, often from a specific era (20 years or older), and are known for their quality and craftsmanship, whereas thrift refers more broadly to second-hand items found in home decor thrift stores without necessarily being antique.

How do I clean thrifted decor?

To clean thrifted decor, it’s important to gently cleanse and refresh items without damaging them. For most home decor thrift finds, use mild soap and water or appropriate cleaners depending on the material, and always test a small area first.

25 home decor items to thrift

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