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  • Cream Coloured Kitchen Cabinets

    Cream Coloured Kitchen Cabinets
  • Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupes

    Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupes
  • Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodel

    Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodel

Battery-Powered Sconces & Picture Lights

Battery-powered wall sconces and picture lights are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional wired lighting. One of the benefits of using battery-powered lighting is that you don’t need to worry about wiring, which makes…

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The Puck Light Trick

Do you want to install a sconce without the hassle of wiring it to an electrical source? With the right materials and tools, it is possible to use a puck light in a sconce to…

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Paint Sheen Guide for Your Home

When you are painting your home there are so many different choices that make it daunting – I’m here to help! Maybe you’ve already found the perfect paint colours, but now you need to pick…

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Reusable Christmas Crackers DIY

Have you ever thought store-bought Christmas crackers are a little bit of a waste but you would still miss out on the tradition? That’s why I decided to make reusable Christmas Crackers that are “fill-your-own”…

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Budget-Friendly Third Floor Bonus Room Reveal

Do you have an extra room in your home that you’re not sure what to do with? I transformed an extra bedroom into a flex space with a TV area, treadmill, and workout space. This…

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Gift Guides 2022

I’ve curated the perfect list for everyone on your list this holiday season! There is something for everyone in these 13 gift guides that I curated including gift ideas for yourself. I hope you find…

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