The Puck Light Trick

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Do you want to install a sconce without the hassle of wiring it to an electrical source? With the right materials and tools, it is possible to use a puck light in a sconce to achieve this goal! Sharing how to use a puck light in a sconce, the materials and tools you will need, and the simple steps to install the sconce.

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Cream coloured kitchen with brass sconce beside range hood using puck light trick to provide battery lighting without electrical.
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What is a Puck light?

Puck lights, also known as disk lights, are a popular choice for under-cabinet lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and display lighting. They are small and compact, making them easy to install and hide in various places around a room. You can even adjust the brightness with a dimmer switch.

Low profile designs make them fit comfortably in areas with limited ceiling height, plus they can be recessed, surface-mounted, or embedded.

You can find them in a variety of finishes like chrome, brushed nickel, white, or black. Plus, some puck lights are equipped with motion sensors, timers, and even colour-changing capabilities. With their versatility and range of features, it’s no wonder why puck lights are becoming so popular.

Close  up of range hood with brass sconce beside with art below and white kettle.
Drawer Pulls, Kettle, Sconce, Art, Canister

Puck Light Trick

Of course, it would be amazing if you had electricity right where you needed it to install a sconce with power, but sometimes it’s just not that easy. It’s nice to be able to use the puck light trick as a quick fix and an inexpensive option to get the look for less!

The puck light trick is a great way to get light in a sconce where you might not have electricity. It is important to think about how often you plan to use your sconce as well since you have to replace the batteries in the puck light or recharge it.

What you need to make the puck light trick to get lighting in your sconce without electrical/wiring.



Ensure that your sconce takes E26 light bulbs, this is the most common type of light bulb. The easiest way to check is by trying to screw in a regular light bulb. If it does not fit, you will need to find an adapter that fits in. When I was doing this for the first time, I took my sconce to the store and tried different things until I found a fit!

First, take your puck light and turn it upside down. Then, take your CPVC adapter (or plug adapter) and apply superglue to the end of the adapter that is not threaded.

Puck light, adapter, and super glue

Glue it to the back of the puck light. When applying the glue, ensure that the threaded part of the adapter is not connected to the puck light because you need to be able to thread it into the light socket.

Gluing the adapter to the back of the puck light with super glue.

Let the glue dry (see the instructions on the superglue) and then screw it into the sconce.

Mounting the Sconce using the Puck Light Trick

If you haven’t installed your sconce yet, you can install it on the wall using the bracket that would usually attach to the electrical box. Use at least 2 screws (and wall anchors if necessary) to attach it to the wall. Tuck the unused electrical wires behind the sconce before hanging it up.

Tip: If you are installing a sconce on tile, mount the sconce bracket in the grout line so you do not damage the tile. It is much easier to fill the grout than fill holes in tile!

An alternative option is buying the puck light trick already made for you, you can shop them on Amazon here (battery) and here (rechargeable). You can also read more about battery sconces and picture lights in this post here.

Living room with double armed sconce beside fireplace above art using battery puck lights to provide  lighting without electrical.
Double Armed Sconce, Rug, Frame TV, Art, Patterned Throw Pillow, Light Throw Pillow, Lamp, Curtains (similar)

PRO TIP: Looking to learn the designer tips and tricks to perfectly lighting your space? Read more here.

Not sure if the puck light trick is for you or maybe your sconce shade shows a bit more of the bulb than you expected? Try one of these options instead:

Battery bulbs

Battery bulbs are another great option to use a sconce without electricity. These bulbs are usually rechargeable and look like regular bulbs, although they produce light via battery instead. These bulbs usually screw into a light socket just like a regular light and often come with a remote control to easily turn them on.

When buying these, it is important to look at the number of hours these bulbs typically last before having to recharge them, specifically whether or not you plan to use this light daily or just on rare occasions such as entertaining.

Shop Battery Bulbs

View of kitchen from the peninsula with range hood and sconce on the left, row of cabinetry on the right.
Drawer Pulls, Kettle, Sconce, Art, Mixer, Floral Throw Pillow, Bridge Faucet, Vase (similar)

Rechargeable Emergency Light Bulbs

Another option is a rechargeable emergency light bulb. It stores energy while connected to a power source, such as a lamp plugged into a wall socket, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re ready for any type of emergency.

When your power comes back on, the rechargeable battery is charged up again automatically through the bulb’s charging system. This ensures that the bulb is ready whenever there is a power outage. These bulbs are designed to last a long time and be energy-saving to conserve battery power.

If you want to use one of these bulbs without electricity in a sconce, you’ll need to charge it up in a light that has power, like a lamp. After the bulb has been charged, switch it back to the sconce. Ideally, you would have a lamp nearby and 2 emergency bulbs so you can continually swap them around so you are never without power in your sconce! Though these emergency bulbs usually do not last very long (~4 hours) and do not have a remote control so this is important to factor this into your decision-making.

A few Emergency Bulb options:

Looking for more details on our kitchen reno? Learn more here.

Double armed sconce beside fireplace with wood desk below.
Double Armed Sconce, Ottoman, Branches, Vase (similar)

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View of the kitchen from the breakfast book with bridge faucet, view of range and subway tile with brass sconce using the puck light trick to provide light.
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How do you use puck lights in sconces?

To use a puck light in a sconce you will need an adapter that screws into your sconce. Use superglue to glue the puck light to the adapter. Once dry, it will screw into the sconce and provide you with battery powered light so you don’t need electricity/wiring.

What can you do with puck lights?

Puck lights can be used for under-cabinet lighting, closet lighting, display lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, mood lighting, and outdoor lighting. Read more about lighting here.

How much light does a puck light give off?

The brightness of a puck light is determined by several elements, like its size, LED chip count, and LED brilliance. Generally, a regular 3-inch puck light includes 2 to 4 LED chips and emits around 30 to 50 lumens per unit.

How do you attach a puck light to a lamp?

The best way to attach a puck light to a lamp is with superglue and an adapter. Buy an adapter that screws into the lamp and attach the puck light to the adapter with super glue. This makes it easy to remove the puck light if you want to use the lamp with a regular bulb in the future.

Vase filled with fresh lilac sitting on range with kettle, cutting boards, and vase with art above and brass sconce.
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