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The next part of our trip we are backpacking – with just a daypack!

I wanted to keep things simple, and get the backpacking feel within a short time period. We are hitting a few countries in only a short amount of time, and I am really excited.

After finishing the Camino de Santiago, we will fly to Madrid, and have a layover of about 8 hours, part of which we will explore a little (not really planned, but why not!?). From Madrid, we will be flying into Budapest, where we will be spending a few days.

From Budapest, we are taking the Eurail to Zagreb Croatia, where we will be visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park – something I am really excited about!

The next stop on our Eurail trip is Munich, and then taking transit to a small town called Füssen, where we will spend a few days exploring Neuschwanstein Castle and the Alps. Then travelling back to Munich, exploring for the day, and then continuing on the Eurail to Bruges. Spending the day in Bruges enjoying all the chocolate and then finally, heading to Amsterdam for the day, flying back to London.

Now, this isn’t your typical Europe trip because we have both already done a lot of touristy areas, and I thought it would be nice to travel to some new areas and do a quick pass through. We basically picked a few things we wanted to see or places we wanted to visit, and went from there. The timeline is because we had 12 days between the camino and when we were meeting in London to head to the lake district to hike. 


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