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I’m Emma Courtney, the heart and soul behind emmacourtneyhome.com. This little corner of the web is where I pour my love for design, decor, and DIY projects. If you’re passionate about creating a beautiful home without breaking the bank, you’re in the right place!

Where It All Began

Growing up, the soundtrack of my childhood was the rhythmic hum of power tools and the occasional clang of a hammer against nails. My parents were a team, always working on projects at home and at the cottage. From my family, I learned early on that a home is not just about walls and a roof. But about the memories we create and the personal touches we add. During those years, my design sensibilities were further nurtured in the digital realm, crafting dream homes and stories in the game Sims.

As I grew, I pursued a commerce degree, but my passion for design led me to start emmacourtneyhome.com as a creative outlet. Later, I went on to complete an Interior Design degree so I could work in a field I loved. I was equipped with a creative vision and a practical approach to bringing that vision to life within a budget.


Our First Home: The Catalyst for My DIY Adventure

Fast forward to 2020, amidst the whirlwind of global events and personal milestones, my partner and I took a monumental step: buying our first home. With its promise and potential also came challenges. Frustrations with getting help, costs, and our vision needing to be fully realized pushed me towards a path I hadn’t foreseen. I embraced the world of DIY. The lessons from my childhood and my interior design and commerce degrees empowered me to shape our home one project at a time.

Join the Journey

Beyond just sharing design tips, I aspire to teach and inspire. I believe in achieving high-end looks without the luxury price tags. My inspirations are diverse – from scrolling through Pinterest boards to memories of English country cottages during my summer visits to England. The joy of DIY for me is more than just cost-saving; it’s about personalization, satisfaction, and making every corner of your home echo your unique story.

Connect with Me

Let’s continue this journey together. Join me and our ever-growing community on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Let’s inspire each other, share tips, and celebrate our DIY successes!

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second bedroom split

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