Your Interior design style is…Grandmillennial

In your Grandmillennial haven, elegance and nostalgia seamlessly merge. This style, born of a desire for classic design with a contemporary twist, combines pastel palettes with intricate details. Delicate textiles, crystal accents, and traditional architectural elements create an opulent yet inviting space.

Your love for vintage-inspired accessories, antique furniture, and classic art pieces is evident in every corner. Ornate detailing, such as intricate mouldings and decorative embellishments, graces your home, evoking a timeless charm.

Combining the best classic design with a touch of current trends, your Grandmillennial style invites you to savour the past’s beauty while embracing today’s comforts and styles. It’s a delightful journey through time and aesthetics, culminating in a sophisticated and cozy space.