Boho Beach Dinner

Pinterest has been inspiring me with these cute Boho dinner settings, so I thought I would create my own at the cottage!

I set this cute dinner up at the cottage on the beach. Such a beautiful spot to enjoy dinner and drinks while watching the sun set. It is a really easy thing to set up, and there really is no right or wrong way to do it, which makes it a little more fun creative-wise.

After a day spent in the water, this was a really nice way to relax and enjoy a casual dinner. 

What you need: 

Ground Covering

Boho style dinners, at least like this, are on the ground, and because of that, it is a great idea to have some sort of ground/floor covering. If you have a rug that is a great option, if not, I used some burlap that we had left over form an event. This helped keep the sand away!


There are a few different ways to set up the table. You could use a coffee table, which is likely the easiest option! I got a little creative, and used those foldable party tables – while they were still folded up in half, and stacked them up. Another option, is using boxes or wood creates. 

Table Cloth

If you are using a pretty table, you don’t necessarily need a table cloth, but because my “table” wasn’t very pretty, I used this cute table cloth that I picked up at HomeSense. Luckily I was able to find a more rustic looking table cloth that fit with my theme!


I have so many different throw pillow covers, and they are also really easy to get from different stores, H&M has a pretty great selection in their home department as well. I was able to grab a few different styles and put them together to make the dinner more comfortable! I have also seen some dinners where they put two pillows per place setting, which is really comfy!

Table Setting

This is the fun part for me – accessorizing the table with plates, napkins, decor etc. This dinner I made pretty simple with linen napkins and white plates, and wild flowers from the garden throughout in many different sizes vases. 

This is such a cute and casual little dinner set up and really fun for the summer! I wish I could have cute little dinners like this more often!


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