Rose Swirl Cake Tips

For one of my friend’s 21st birthday, I thought I would make my first attempt at a Rose Swirl Cake.

I attempted this without doing any research, thinking how hard can it be…it wasn’t that hard, but it definitely could have looked better.

After a little Pinterest research there are a few things I would change.

The tips and techniques below are from i am baker and Bella Cupcakes.

1. Icing Consistency

Your icing needs to be buttercream, or a buttercream consistency, or the icing will just melt off.

If you buy a Betty Crocker icing, that is fine, but you need to add some icing sugar, and and electric mixer to get it to a thicker consistency.

Last week was very very busy for me, so sadly I had little time to make a cake from scratch, and had to use store bought mix and icing.

I added 1/4 cup of icing sugar at a time, until it was this consistency:

If you need help, check out Cake Trimmings.

2. Pre-ice The Cake

I noticed a lot of bakers will apply a thin layer of icing to the cake first, before piping the rose swirls on.

As the rose swirls are round, there are little tiny holes where the roses may not reach, this way, no cake will show through.

3. Icing Bag and Tip

It is important that you have the right tip to do this.

i am baker and Bella Cupcakes suggests using a 1M tip or any large star tip.

If the tip you are using is too small, it will be really hard to make your icing squeeze out (and this will turn into an arm workout) – not what we want!

A tip I learned from various websites over the years is once your bag has the tip in it, place it in a cup, tip facing down, and fold the edged around the top of the cup.

Then, spoon the icing into the bag, making sure there are no air bubbles.

This is a really easy way to fill your bag, if not, it gets messy! 

4. How to Make a Rose Swirl

When you are making a rose swirl, follow these picture steps from Bella Cupcakes.

Start from the middle and work outwards.

5. Start at the Bottom

As shown on i am baker, start at the bottom and work around the bottom, before moving upwards.

Once the bottom is finished, use the same technique to do the top of the cake.

Many improvements for my next attempt!

If you want the Candelabra cake topper, you can purchase it here.


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  1. Anonymous
    September 16, 2014 /

    I thought only professional bakers can get the icing bags!

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