Kitchen Renovation One Room Challenge – Week 7

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Honestly, not much has happened this week! It was the seventh week of One Room Challenge and it was another week of waiting, and another disappointing fridge delivery. Can you believe this was my third fridge and it came dented again? I switched to Costco and Bosch, so firsts for both of those but still had the same issue sadly. Their customer service was amazing though, so I will have a new fridge very soon.

Also, this coming week is going to be big. New counters going in Monday, cabinet doors and panels being delivered, we can hang the uppers, tile etc. It was a bit of a disappointing week with all of the delays because I had to accept that there are really slim chances that this kitchen is fully completed for the ORC week 8 like it should be. I think at worst, it will be a one angle of the kitchen reveal next Sunday. I know I can get the one wall completed, but the rest might take a little longer! Crossing my fingers.

I skipped my vlog this Sunday because not much has happened, but there will be one on Wednesday since theres going to be a lot happening on Monday that I want you to be caught up on! It really feels like the end of one of those home design shows where it all comes down to the wire!


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