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It’s the fifth week of the One Room Challenge and it’s finally starting to look like a kitchen! I am definitely feeling the time crunch to get all of this done in time. Over the weekend the base cabinets were installed, I need to do a few little things to have it completely ready for counter install.

I had the counter templated this week as well! I am excited to share that I am working with Hanstone Quartz for the counters and apron front on the sink. I chose the color Montauk, which I think looks really similar to marble but since it is quartz it is really hardwearing. We installed this in a friends kitchen reno as well as another project I worked on and it looks stunning. I am so excited for this to be installed! Once counters are installed we can start working on things like upper cabinets and tiling.

What I need to do to prepare for this is to have a support running between the cabinets over the dishwasher, but also I need a support for the quartz apron front to attach to the cabinet, if that makes sense?

Here is an updated look at the layout at current:

I also got my shipment of knobs, handles, and latches and I love them! I was planning to get them from wayfair but the latches had been out of stock for a while so I decided to buy them from Rejuvenation, which was an amazing decision.  If you want to see what I picked, they ar ein my lastest vlog and I will also share them on instagram this weekend!

The banquette is ready to be picked up next week, I think it is fully painted now, and this is what our millworker sent this week:

It feels like this is the smallest update I have given in a little while, but at least things are starting to take shape and we love the new layout of the kitchen and how spacious it is! I think the last few weeks is when bigger things will happen, especially by the the last two!

If you missed the latest vlog with all the kitchen reno stuff, you can watch it here and of course another one coming this Sunday!




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