Kitchen Renovation One Room Challenge – Week 4

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It’s the fourth week of the One Room Challenge and there have been a lot of deliveries around here lately! The kitchen is filled with boxes of all sorts, Friday I had the appliances delivered which hasn’t been the best experience, but trying to resolve a dented fridge (see vlog or IG stories for this one…). One of the two arm chairs for the kitchen has bene delivered and is not in the living room. I am worried that I won’t be able to move it to the kitchen because Chris likes it in the living room now! The sink and faucet arrived yesterday, and tiles today. I had to order a sink cabinet through Allstyle  because Ikea has been out of stock for a long time according to Reddit, and when I called they said they were having supply issues (?!) with the particular one I needed. I didn’t want to hold up the project because of this, so I decided that this was a great option. That arrives today! Then I will have all of the cabinets ready to install over the weekend. Definitely nervous to complete that myself, but hopefully I have built in enough time to manage it!

I also have the millworker at the cottage making the banquette for the kitchen. This was something I considered trying to do myself, but with everything else going on in such a short time frame, I decided I would get someone to take this off of my hands. He is the best and will even paint it for us, so I think that was a great solution. Here is the progress photo he sent last night:

An issue that came up after the flooring was installed was the baseboard, which I haven’t resolved yet. I think that I am very likely just going to put some plain trim for now, and get back to that issue at a later date. I have received a few quotes that were just a bit too pricey.

I had some electrical work done last Friday as well, the microwave outlet is installed, another outlet moved over to accommodate the upper cabinet that comes down to the counters. Then a USB outlet added where there used to be the upper and lower cabinet lighting that we weren’t using. I didn’t know how easy it was to switch from a light switch to an outlet! Also, I decided I will not be doing any cabinet lighting. I did a little research, talked to a few people and landed on that decision. I had already ordered the Ikea lighting, so I have about $600 of lighting to return, and the light valence I already ordered. Really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but you live and learn!

I have confirmed the estimated completion date for the cabinet fronts/panels, lining up the countertop installation and really just getting nervous about timeline but I am sure it will all work out! I may need to take a few days off from work, but we’ll see what happens!

If you missed the latest vlog with all the kitchen reno stuff, you can watch it here and of course another one coming this Sunday!


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