Kitchen Renovation One Room Challenge – Week 3

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It’s the third week of the One Room Challenge and the flooring was installed! It definitely took way longer than I was initially told. They told me one day maybe a day and a half, and it’s day four over here and they are just finishing up as I type. I also had to write this post twice because the first one didn’t let me save and disappeared! Not ideal!

The flooring look amazing, but definitely felt the frustration with the install taking so long. The first day they removed the tile and then added a levelling cement (I think it was cement?), day two they added the cork underlay, plus the flooring apparently needs time to acclimatize! Then day three they installed it and day four, which is what they are on now, they came back to do the baseboard. However, I realized that the baseboard they wanted to install, while Victorian style like the trim I have, is 3-4″ shorter than the baseboard in the rest of the house. Of course the other baseboard is 100+ years old, but it measures almost 10″ and the stuff they wanted to install is close to 6″. If the kitchen was separated by a door to the rest of the house, I’d be okay with it. However, the baseboard from the rest of the house runs into the kitchen. Previously there was just a flat, plain, 4″ strip along the base rather than baseboard. I want to do it right this time, so I am going to have to contact some local millworkers or see if I can get custom. However, it’s my problem and who knows how long it will take to fix! Overall, the installers had amazing attention to detail and were really friendly, and did the right thing by waiting for the wood to acclimatize etc, I just think it was incredibly poor communication between their teams. I don’t think as a customer I should be told that the sales guy knows just as much as me – very poor excuse. Also the sales team didn’t want to refund the cost of the baseboard, but the installer said he would take care of it an agrees with me it wouldn’t look good. We live and we learn!

In my vlog this week I shared the details about the cabinets I chose. I am so excited about this because the cabinets were what were initially holding up this project. I couldn’t decide on a company! After a bunch of research and reading other blog posts I landed on Ikea cabinets. I have always heard great things about the, and how easy it is to get the accessories for inside of them, but also change out the interiors easily in the future. This really appealed to me, but the one thing that was holding me back was that I wanted a more custom, designer look, plus I wanted a custom colour. Then I came across Allstyle Retrofit who I am partnering with for ORC! They make custom doors for Ikea cabinets. The way this works is you use the Ikea kitchen planner to plan your ideal kitchen and then on the Allstyle site you upload your design, the doors style you want (they have some really great options on their site) and you pick any Benjamin Moore colour! Within a few days you get back the item list and price for the doors, drawer fronts, panels, and kick plates for the cabinets. So you’re getting a custom look kitchen for much less! Plus, you are able to customize the doors if there is anything you want to change from the Ikea design such as making a 60″ door instead of a 40″ door, which is something I did in my design! You also have the option to pick wood or MDF for the shaker part of the door fronts. I am honestly so excited about this and the price came in much lower than other kitchen cabinet companies I looked into. I covered this more in my vlog and I am going to chat about this on the weekend in my Instagram stories!


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Overall really great progress this week, a few more exciting things coming tomorrow and into next week and I think that things will really start to take shape this weekend! We still have lots of time, so I am not too worried, but happy that it is going to visually start coming together rather than just behind the walls work that we fixed last week!


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