Kitchen Renovation One Room Challenge – Week 1

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I am SO excited to share that I am participating in the One Room Challenge as a guest participant! I am also so nervous but excited to challenge myself, learn new skills, and more than anything, I can’t wait to have a new kitchen that feels more me! Over the next 8 weeks my kitchen will be funny transformed including tearing it all out, replacing floors, cabinets, counters – everything!

The kitchen was the space I was least excited about when we purchased out home in November 2020. I always say it was my least favourite room with the most potential to be my favourite room. It has great bones and space, but when it was renovated 15(!?) years ago by previous owners, it was made very modern and just not to our tastes. I have spent the last few months dreaming about different ways to fix it, from little facelifts to big ones. When it ultimately came down to it, we decided we wanted to rip it all out and start from scratch!

A few issues that we didn’t like from the beginning:

  • the angled peninsula
  • the flooring
  • the modern cabinets
  • the  wasted space above cabinets to ceiling
  • the sink and rotten sink cabinet
  • the fridge

Through winter we also discovered the poor insulation. Not to be dramatic here, but you could feel a cool breeze at your feet in winter!!! I believe that the drywall doesn’t run to the ground behind the base cabinets, which means there might be a gap between the walls that isn’t insulated and allows cool air from outside to run into our kitchen. Also, our kitchen is on a concrete slab. There isn’t a basement under it, which isn’t really typical for where we live. This in combination with the slate flooring makes it incredibly cold on the feet all winter! It is May and I still find it cold!

Here is the kitchen when we first moved into our home:

Needless to say, I think we made the right call to renovate the full kitchen in order to remove all cabinetry and address some of these issues. I will be hopefully fixing the wall issue and really see what is going on behind these cabinets, and then removing the old flooring to install new floors with some insulation under it.

After my recent wardrobe hack project, which was my biggest project to date, this is truly going to be my biggest to date! I can’t guarantee I will do all of this myself, as I think I might need some help throughout the process with some plumbing, electrical, and flooring etc. I am hoping to be able to do a lot myself!

Below is a moodboard and renderings I created for inspiration of the kitchen plans and I will be documenting the whole process on my YouTube channel as well as in my Instagram stories. I truly can’t wait to share this entire process with you, as wall as my plans, materials, and hopefully some amazing partners I will be working with! I am still finalizing some details but I will have so much more to share very soon.


I was really hoping to render this to be more realistic buy hey, timelines… Maybe I will have an updated one for you soon that is rendered to look realistic! The colour scheme is in the moodboard above so you can see the cabinet colour I am going for. Also, I know the placement of the sink with the banquette isn’t ideal, but plumbing and functionality – this works best for us.

We really wanted to create a space that will function well for us in the future as we grow as a family. Due to the steps down into the kitchen, it feels very separated from the rest of the house and I wanted to ensure that it could also be a nice hangout space when there are little ones and until then we can enjoy a cozy breakfast nook with a space opening into our backyard! I also love that I can watch tv while I cook, or enjoy my morning tea from the armchairs.

I hope you are as excited as I am to see this space transform!




  1. May 6, 2021 /

    I’m in love with your plans for this space! It looks so cozy and functional, such an amazing improvement with such a slight adjustment to the layout. Can’t wait to follow along!

  2. Emma Courtney
    May 9, 2021 /

    Thank you so much! We are looking forward it so much. Even just the peninsula and flooring is going to be huge for us. Honestly we don’t spend much time in the kitchen now but hoping to use it a lot in the future!

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