IKEA New Arrivals Spring 2022 Favourites

Rounding up my favourite finds from the new arrivals at Ikea. I am not 100% sure when these launches, but they caught my eye yesterday so I wanted to be sure to round up the ones that I liked when scrolling through! There are also many more amazing items, these just really stood out to me personally.

Looking for more of my home favourites? Check them out here, I post round-ups and finds daily!


Faux Olive Tree

Need. I need this. How perfect is this little faux olive tree! I have the perfect spot for it and definitely adding to order if they will deliver it! SO cute.

FEJKA C$54.99

FEJKA Artificial potted plant, indoor/outdoor Olive tree, 7 ½ "



I love this chair and I was kind of thinking about this for our living room? I’d ideally love if they had more colour options but Comfort Works or similar will eventually carry covers for this!

FULLÖSA C$299.00

FULLÖSA Armchair, Viarp beige/brown



Baskets are such a great styling piece when you have a space that needs a little something more. Add blankets, pillows, magazines… wood for the fire! Very good price point for the size.

INSVEP C$39.99

INSVEP Basket, water hyacinth, 20x14 ¼x17 "


Reeded Vase

Everything reeded glass has my heart right now, I want this vase and the price is too good!

GRADVIS C$2.99 – Vase

GRADVIS Vase, clear glass, 6 "



Bread Board

Love this, such a great and beautiful piece, if I didn’t have a bread board collection going/more space I would probably get this, love it and the colour!


ARTISTISK Chopping board, oak, 23 ¼x9 ¾ "


This bed. I love it! The headboard is actually what I am planning to make myself for the guest bedroom and the price point is amazing. It had my stamp of approval – the one thing I would like to see is a bed skirt that matches the headboard, but you can always add one on. Then you can add some under bed storage bins! Also, a bed skirt just elevates the look and actually makes it a little more on trend with the original style of this type of french trim bed.




KLEPPSTAD Bed frame, white/Vissle beige, Full/Double

Desk Chair

They must have heard all of the WFH sore backs from using dining chairs. This comes in three colours, I show two below. Love them, great option.

Millberget C$129

MILLBERGET Swivel chair, Murum beige

MILLBERGET Swivel chair, Murum golden brown



I love this and how it doesn’t scream ikea? It comes in a few colours and the price point is amazing. Put some nice throw pillows and a blanket over the arm and you’d never guess it was ikea!


PÄRUP Sofa, Gunnared beige


I own this first one and love it – I actually use it to hold my utensils beside my range, really cute and would be great styled in a bookcase or something!


FALLENHET Vase, off-white, 6 ¼ "




FALLENHET Vase, off-white, 6 ¾ "


Faux Florals

I haven’t seen this in person so the realness could be hit or miss, but I think it’s worth buying for inexpensive Spring Decor


SMYCKA Artificial flower, indoor/outdoor/Rose white, 18 "


Wicker Office Organizer

I saw this in person and wanted it but didn’t have a purpose – maybe for my office makeover! Really nice!


TRUMMIS Magazine file, handmade rattan




This whole collection is like a new more sophisticated taken on Hemnes, and I love it! Still swap out the knobs to give it more personality, but love it!

IDANÄS C$329.00

IDANÄS 4-drawer chest, white, 41x46 1/2 "


Console Table

Dare I say this gives me Studio McGee Spring 2022 collection vibes?


LISTERBY Console table, oak veneer, 36 1/4x15x28 "


Phone Charging Stand

I love this, I have a phone stand on my desk all the time, but love that this charges while its sitting there. My biggest problem is unplugging my phone and forgetting to plug it back in while working so this is a great idea!


NORDMÄRKE Wireless charging stand, bamboo


Air Purifier

I feel like more air purifiers are pricey, so love the price point on this and would maybe consider getting?!


STARKVIND Air purifier, white


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