Friday Favourites: Spring Bulbs & Bunny Tails

Featured Image from H&M Home
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The Friday before a vacation is always an exciting one! I look forward to having a little break next week mixed with some shopping, projects, and a little relaxing too! Also, our crocus bulbs have started blooming! We planted 150 tulip and crocus bulbs in the fall and then watched as the squirrels took them all. I am surprised we have any blooming!

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Favourite Interior:

Both of these accounts I shared are bigger design accounts so you have have already seen them but I adore both for different reasons. Jena always has classic and stunning designs, I love the colour she used for the island and overall colour scheme! In Amber’s space I also love the design and it shows that white kitchens aren’t out of style but definitely incorporate some warmer tones like she didn’t with the oak island! Also spying some of those fake cosmos from hobby lobby!


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Favourite Table Setting:

The week before Easter so I wanted to share one more sweet little table setting and I really like this idea from H&M Home, especially since you could still grab some of these items that they sell. Though, I love the idea of putting some tall branches in a vase and hanging some little eggs from them.


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Spring Shopping:


Favourite Recipe:

This isn’t so much a recipe as an idea. I love the little sugar cookies with a chocolate tail!


Favourite Trick:

I came across this reel this week and thought wow that is so smart! It’s not something I would have immediately thought of so I knew I had to share it!


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