Friday Favourites: Spring Earth Tones

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I am loving these Spring nights where it doesn’t get dark until 7:30pm, I get so much more finished because it doesn’t feel like bedtime at 5pm! This week I finished the Pax Hack 2.0, and moved on to a simple peg hook wall either sides so I can’t wait to share that. Sharing my favourites in a slightly new way! Most of these will be from Instagram and I am embedding them in a new way rather than saving the picture to my blog (makes no difference to you, but I think it might make the creators I’m sharing a little happier and easier for you to find their account if you feel inspired by them!).

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Favourite Interior:


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A post shared by Hannah (@harnhamhouse)

This space is just so sweet, I love the country cottage charm! The secretary desk beside the fireplace and what I originally thought was a stool, and not realize is a chair, with the basket of blooms. I think I might need to style some florals in a basket like this!



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A post shared by Oakstone Homes (@oakstonehomesiowa)

I love this so much and while we don’t have room for a pantry, I have that lovely bookcase in my dining room and I am never sure what to put in it, but I may have some new inspirations for it! I love how this looks. Maybe a thrifting trip is in order to get some new pieces to style in mine with inspiration coming from this.


Favourite Table Setting:

I love the pink and green colour palette used here for this table setting and I am not sure that the idea it too far fetched to recreate yourself (some are so over the top). I love the fresh pink flowers in the middle, the matching napkins. Plus the little egg cups with a bulb in them that is in bloom?! I’m not sure where you buy faux little eggs like that but now I might be on the lookout – even better if they happened to be chocolate eggs.


Spring Shopping:


Favourite Recipe:

My friend Julie shared this recipe, but even aside from the recipe, I just think the idea is really cute! We love cinnamon buns, so now I am tempted to make these for a little spring/easter fun!


Favourite Find:

I came across this, this morning and I have never seen anything like this before. What a cool idea! Especially for rinsing out bottles etc.


Favourite Motivation:


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A post shared by M I C H A E L A J A N E (@micjanee)

A friend of mine shared this reel to their stories and I was like wow. I agree with this so much. I think that the fear of what others think really stops people from doing things. I think of this especially when it comes to social media/blogging, whenever someone tells me they want to start, they are always nervous of what others might think of them!


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